Who gave you authority to question authority?

by Joseph Roberts

SO WE started CG in 1982 and grew it from 20,000 readers to a quarter million today. But lately what I read, think and feel, urges me to do more because the planet is in a hell of a mess and conventional media is part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Mass Media (MM) for the most part presents a narrative that reinforces the current market religion. It does not inspire people to think for themselves, MM regurgitates image and story lines from the globally controlled G20 empire (Gang of 20). Their reach is massive and they de-develop and invade countries that disobey. Political leaders and other thought leaders generally comply.

Unfortunately the modern empire’s coercion no longer just extracts resources from weaker domains, but it also has nasty side effects of destroying cultures, economies, and peoples. It has become a life-blind greed-driven juggernaut threatening the very environment that future generations need to survive. MM’s thirst for compliance bedevils a basic law of ecology: – that we need diversity to survive. If we think the same, we go down the same drain.

You name it, land, water or air, massive corporations make a profit from screwing it up. From climate change, atomic arsenals, desertication, and pollution to manufactured obsolescence, WMD and frankeinfoods, their acts are all justified by the media they own. They tell us they got it right, and that we should just keep doing what we are doing because we got the best damned democracy money can buy (give or take a few bailouts). Well, go ahead if you want to have human life destroyed on Earth. But count me out because there is a better game to play and that is called saving Planet Earth (not just Private Ryan).

It is time to take action and counterbalance the global BS media with fresh new media dedicated to questioning authority. Send me your ideas and pledge support to grow the media we need to survive as a healthy species and flourish.

Twenty-seven years ago we started Common Ground magazine and organized Vancouver’s first Walk for Peace. Now there is a new challenge and opportunity. I invite you to join me on an amazing adventure to grow media 2.0 to question authority.

Joseph Roberts

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