Whistleblowers reveal rigged approval

Pipeline opponents demand all-party investigation

Indigenous leaders, conservation organizations and community groups are calling for an all-party investigation into the federal approval for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker expansion project after revelations in April that insiders rigged the federal approval process.

Whistleblowers in the federal government revealed they were pressured “to give cabinet a legally-sound basis to say ‘yes’” to the pipeline and tanker proposal,” one month before the pipeline was actually approved.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, stated, “We are absolutely shocked and outraged to learn that the legally required consultation process for the destructive Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion may have been disingenuous. Even though consultation and accommodation is a red herring in the era of consent, it exists as a minimum legal standard that the government is required to carry out. We expect a full and independent investigation immediately.”

Seven First Nations are awaiting court decisions which could overturn the approval due to improper consultation. These revelations appear to confirm concerns at the time that the federal government had already made up its mind.

“The serious allegations in this reporting, if true, means the Kinder Morgan review process was a rigged game from the very beginning,” said Mike Hudema, Climate Campaigner with Greenpeace Canada. “We need an investigation to look into the claims, to determine whether Indigenous leaders and people across the country were lied to and whether the only answer the federal government would hear for this destructive project was the one Kinder Morgan demanded.”

High-ranking public servant Erin O’Gorman ordered the five involved federal departments to create a rationale for the approval on October 27, 2016, while consultation talks with local First Nations were going on. The Ministerial Panel that was to fill gaps in the National Energy Board process under the Harper government didn’t issue its report into meetings along the pipeline and tanker route until November 1, 2016. The panel was the centerpiece of Justin Trudeau’s election campaign promise to reform the National Energy Board.

“Thousands of people took time out of their day to voice their opposition to the only federal representatives who would listen,” said Peter McCartney, Climate Campaigner for the Wilderness Committee, who attended all of those meetings. “To know that Cabinet didn’t even consider their input is a slap in the face to all British Columbians.”

Source: Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (“UBCIC”), ubcic.bc.ca

Supporting organizations

The Wilderness Committee is Canada’s people-powered, citizen-funded wilderness protection group. wildernesscommittee.org

Greenpeace: The organization’s goal is to “ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity” and focuses its campaigning on worldwide issues. greenpeace.org

350.org uses online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions to oppose new coal, oil and gas projects and build 100% clean energy solutions that work for all.

Dogwood is BC’s largest nonpartisan citizen action network. dogwoodbc.ca

The Council of Canadians is Canada’s leading social action organization, mobilizing a network of 60 chapters across the country. canadians.org

SumOfUs is a community of people from around the world committed to curbing the growing power of corporations. sumofus.org

BROKE (Burnaby Residents Opposed to Kinder Morgan Expansion) is a group of local residents whose mission includes preventing the expansion of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and related infrastructure in Burnaby and supertanker traffic. brokepipelinewatch.ca

Coast Protectors: The Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs are working towards the recognition, implementation and exercise of inherent Indigenous Title, Rights and Treaty Rights. www.coastprotectors.ca

The Pipe Up Network is made up of residents of Southwestern BC who have come together because of their concerns about the safety, environmental and financial implications of shipping tar sands along Kinder Morgan’s  Trans Mountain Pipeline. pipe-up.net

Get involved!

“Now is the time to stand beside Indigenous people in support of our timeless struggle to defend Mother Earth, whether our Indigenous Land Rights are being violated in BC, by Kinder Morgan’s TMX pipeline, the Site C Dam, the Pacific Northwest LNG plant or in Standing Rock with the Dakota Access Pipeline. There is a battle being waged across the globe by Indigenous Peoples and their allies demanding a safe, healthy world for future generations. This is about water versus oil and life versus death, and ultimately, survival versus extinction.” – Grand Chief Stewart Phillip

Sign the pledge to Stop Kinder Morgan

“With our voice, in the courts or the streets, on the water or the land. Whatever it takes, we will stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and tanker project.”

Sign the pledge at www.coastprotectors.ca

More rigged than a Russian election

On April 25, MP Nathan Cullen stated in the House of Commons, “The Liberal’s Kinder Morgan approval process is looking more rigged than a Russian election. The Prime Minster promised the people of Alberta a credible process. He broke that promise. He promised British Columbia meaningful consultation with First Nations. He broke that promise too.

Now, with leaked papers from the Prime Minster’s own administration, we have proof that the decision on Kinder Morgan was made before the process even started. Today in Parliament, I asked Justin Trudeau to release the Kinder Morgan papers and the rebuild the trust of Canadians. He chose not to answer the question.”


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