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Valerie Kemp

Bodyworker, healer, teacher

Valerie Kemp
Valerie Kemp

• My career began with a continuous migraine headache as a result of exposure to printmaking fumes in graduate school. Despite the doctor telling me, “There is nothing wrong with you,” I was in constant, excruciating pain. I was prescribed medication, which worked for a few years, but as dosages got higher, I could not continue.

The pain was so great I was willing to venture beyond my comfort zone and what I had previously been exposed to. I chose to look beyond traditional allopathic medicine. Thirty-years-ago, I tried massage therapy and chiropractic care, which only brought temporary relief.

My search continued and in 1985 I found myself in a workshop with Barbara Brennan, clairvoyant energy healer and author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging. One of my most influential moments was witnessing Barbara demonstrate a multidimensional energy healing on and off the body. I was mesmerized and deep down I knew this was very significant even though I did not logically understand what was happening. From that moment on, I was passionately curious and knew I wanted to be a healer.

Barbara also channelled for me that my migraine headaches were linked to early childhood experiences. She guided me to explore beyond the physical to the suppressed emotional, mental misconceptions and higher spiritual causes for my headaches.

I began receiving healings from the Barbara Brennan School graduates and teachers and participating in BRETH sessions, a form of rebirthing from Australia at the Pathwork Center in New York. This taught me that a continuous conscious breath can alter consciousness and help one to access body-centred memories and release energy blockages. Here, my perception and sensitivities increased and I gained a deep understanding as to the higher spiritual purpose of my early childhood experiences. The frequency and intensity of headache pain progressively decreased.

Being so grateful to be out of pain, I wanted to give back to others and help them with their pain, discomfort, life’s challenges and soul lessons. I had found my purpose!

As “the client” on the table, I learned so much about myself and the creative process of healing that I wanted to understand more and so began my in-depth professional studies. I have been extremely fortunate to attract many amazing teachers – in physical technique as well as beyond the physical – from all over the world.

My professional study took me to Massage Therapy School in New York City to learn anatomy, physiology and pathology; Myofascial Release and Unwinding with John Barnes PT; Craniosacral, Somato Emotional Release, Visceral Manipulation and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with Dr. John Upledger, Dr. Jean Pierre Barral, Dr. Bruno Chikley, the Upledger Institute and many others.

Going beyond the physical into multidimensional consciousness, including the aura, chakras, intention and core essence levels, I studied with Dr. Robert Jaffe at his Energy Mastery School in Sedona, Arizona and my most recent seven-year advanced study was at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami, Florida.

Valerie Kemp has maintained an eclectic, soul-centred, integrated bodywork and healing practice in Vancouver BC since 1991. (604-739-9916) See her listing in the Resource Directory.

4 thoughts on “Where it began”

  1. Valerie,
    it is so wonderful to find you and see that you are thriving. It has been so long. I hope you continue to do well and reach many with your amazing skills.
    I often think of you and sweet memories of our days at BBSH.

  2. Hello Valerie I live in Calgary AB, months ago I had a rebirth session in Montreal with Duart Maclean.
    I will not be able to go back to Montreal for more sessions and cannot make it to Vancouver to see you, unfortunately; however would you be able to refer me to a rebirther in Calgary?
    Apprevicate your respond thank you

  3. Hello Valerie,
    I know of you by reputation and would like to seek your help but unfortunately with you being in Vancouver and me in Victoria that is not possible.
    From my own research and my personal efforts I am of the opinion that my mobility issues might be improved with Connective Tissue Therapy.
    Perhaps you would be able to suggest an appropriate experienced practitioner in the Victoria area.
    Thank You,
    Keith Cains.

  4. hi valerie….remember me, dancer in nyc and pathwork center class?
    i’m on vacation with family on vancouver island heading back to calgary.
    i spontaneiously thought of you and wanted to see where you are these days….well quite close! you’ve chosen a very nice corner of the world to live in.
    i’ve lived in switzerland since i returned back from nyc over 20 years ago. my partner, eva, and i have a 8-year old saughter, thais, and are execting a second child next february. i still dance, teach and have a feldenkrais practice. movement, body and healing is clearly my pathway.
    from what i read you’ve committed to the healing arts which makes sense to me.
    i hope your life is full and zesty, which is how i remember you.
    hope you get this message and to hear from you.
    love and warm embrace,

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