Where covid came from and who funded its creation: follow the patents and the money

-by David E. Martin, PhD-

David E. Martin noticed unusual activity in patent registration in the US, Europe and Canada among other countries.  Here he describes UBC’s and the Government of Canada’s hidden role in the current global scheme.

During the decade of the 90s, I was the founding chairman of Mosaic Technologies and Idea Med. Mosaic Technologies was a treaty restricted technology transfer company here in the United States.

What we did was we worked with finding civilian applications for technologies developed in military applications around the world; most prominently countries that were prohibited from exporting offensive military technologies as conditions of the treaties that ended the second World War.

Every citizen has the asset of their creativity, innovation, intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, et cetera.

We built the organization that allowed that to be regulated and used as bankable collateral so that small business could have a leg to stand on. And we built that company in 1998. And as a result of the formation of M-CAM, we fell through an unfortunate, but now fortuitous, rabbit-hole.

So from breast cancer to stealth materials to anechoic, to antenna to every device that you probably have in your hand or in your laptop, we had a very important role to play during the decade of the 90s in bringing technologies out of bio-weapons and weapons laboratories and getting them into civilian and commercial use. 

In 1998, the formation of M-CAM led to the first audit of patent systems in Canada, the USA, Australia, the European Union, and elsewhere.  They found an enormous number of crimes were committed using the patent system to stand in the way of progress not to advance innovations for which they were established.

Specifically in 1999, they uncovered what became the roots of our awareness of the current pandemic; they uncovered the biologic materials in violation of the biological and chemical weapons treaties that were proliferating around the country and around the world.

And in 1999 going into 2000, we first reported on the weaponization of biologic materials in violation of biological and chemical weapons treaties. And among those weaponizations was, in our first published report for a number of intelligence and law enforcement community, our identification of the chimeric alteration and recombinant technologies around corona virus, which in 1999 were first developed to serve as a means by which we could build a vaccine vector; at the time thought to be useful for the treatment or prevention of HIV.

The problem with that work was it, very specifically beginning in 1999 with NIAID’S funding directed by Anthony Fauci, was very clear that what they had done in their gain-of-function research in 1999 was take what was a normally occurring pathogen and turn it into what was then referred to as ‘an infectious, non-transmissible pathogen’.

In other words they actually made it more dangerous to the human and they made it more dangerous so that it could be used as a potential for vaccine vectors going forward. And that was in 1999.

In 2002 the weaponization of corona virus was complete.  That’s when the spike protein, the ACE receptor dynamics, the open reading frames around various sub-fractions of the protein synthesis that’s available using the model created by the corona virus model.  All of that was fully weaponized by 2002.  I make that point clearly because we did not have SARS as a human condition until we had invented a weaponized version of corona virus.

A decade earlier, Pfizer had filed the first patent on a corona virus vaccine that was a veterinary application and that was filed in 1990. So Pfizer’s first effort to get a spike protein based vaccine for corona virus started in 1990, not in 2020.

This has been, to restate the obvious, a pathogen bio-weapons program that is now over two decades in the making. And it is vital for us to understand that what is currently being called the medical countermeasure, referred to as a vaccine, does not meet statutory definition of that particular technology because, unlike every other vaccine in the history of humanity, every other vaccine is derived from some either fragment of or attenuated version of, a pathogen.

This particular injection that we’re dealing with right now, this particular injection is an mRNA model computer generated; not derived from a living or an organic material.

This is a computer simulation of an mRNA strand which was thought to be a means by which we could turn the human body into a pathogen creator. By that I mean the formation of the corona virus associated spike protein.

And for the first time in vaccine history and once again I’m using that term because it’s what we’re calling it. It is not in fact a vaccine. It’s a gene therapy to create a bio-weapon. For the first time in vaccine history, we are relying on the immune system to respond to a pathogen creation that we first inject into people.

So the fact of the matter is we have an unprecedented outcome. And if we go back and look at the patent record. If we go back and look at the laboratory record. And if we go back and look at the funding record, we see that the current pathogen called SARS-COV-2 was clearly chimerically altered and was clearly primarily developed in the laboratory so that it could be used both as a weapon and as a medical countermeasure in 2015.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – and we’ve reported on this, quite significantly funded by NIAID – developed and violated the International Convention on Biological and Chemical Weapons by taking a foreign uploaded model of SARS-COV-2 and turning it into a recombinant chimeric pathogen which they said, and I quote, “was poised for human emergence”.

And “poised for human emergence” not in 2019, as we’ve been told by the propaganda, but that publication was published in February of 2016; published from work that was done from 2013 to 2015.

There is no novel corona virus. There is a weaponized version of a computer simulation of a fragment that is in fact modeled to be the spike protein, analogous to what we’ve been told is the spike protein associated with SARS-COV-2

The problem is we do not have anything that is actually derived from an actual pathogen. And we do not have anything that’s actually responsive to the immune system that was in fact responsive to a pathogen. This is a computer simulation meant to harm and destroy what we call humanity.

According to Pfizer, we have what they refer to in their own documents as ‘an acceptable death rate’.

I don’t know how many of you can sit with that statement, but the notion that there is something called ‘an acceptable death rate’ is something I find morally repugnant.

What I find more interesting than that is Canada’s role in this, which has achieved almost no fundamental coverage in any media or even in the counter culture media and most Canadians don’t realize that Canada itself, and not just Canada, but specifically the University of British Columbia (UBC) beginning in 2005 realized that if it was going to be relevant in the biotech space, it had to be the country and it had to be the research hotbed for establishing the delivery mechanism, whereby mRNA vaccines could be developed.

UBC, working in partnership with INEX Pharmaceuticals in 2005, developed the lipid nanoparticle technology that ultimately became the basis of the formation of a company in British Columbia called Tekmira Pharmaceuticals.

In 2009, Tekmira had a very interesting set of challenges and this was commensurate with the 2008 declaration by the World Health Organization that the corona virus was in fact eradicated as a condition associated with SARS.

And because of the lack of funding in 2008, both Canada and the United States struggled with the fact that they had developed a technology that was supposed to be for a vaccination of corona virus and for a number of other viral models.

But the problem was they ran out of funding and so there was a series of reorganizations. And in those reorganizations two companies were formed: Arbutus Biopharma and Acuitas Therapeutics.


Acuitas is the company that unfortunately the Government of Canada has not told the citizens of Canada is the reason why both Moderna and Pfizer have the ability to deliver the current bioweapons program.

I think most people would be shocked to find out that when you have the Prime Minister of Canada getting up in front of a camera in the Spring of 2020, telling the world that the only way forward to allegedly return to a new normal is when there is a vaccine.

What Trudeau did not tell the public was that he had a financial stake in the outcome of that being the selected pathway forward.

What he didn’t tell the Canadian public was that Canada’s blight on the moral record of what has been historically an amazingly wonderful set of innovations coming out of the Canadian research institutions and research laboratories in fact, created the mechanism whereby you could take mRNA and inject it into a population and try to stabilize that injection.

The lipid nanoparticle technology that was developed and ultimately passed to Arbutus Biopharma was the subject of a licensing agreement that was made with Acuitas Therapeutics in British Columbia, a private company who conveniently had very little reporting requirements. Acuitas misappropriated the lipid nanoparticle technology and ultimately made it available to both BioNTech and Moderna.

It is absolutely critical for us to understand that without the Canadian contribution of the lipid nanoparticle technology from British Columbia, we would have no meaningful response in the form of what’s being called a vaccination. And we would not have a bioweapons program.

That’s a pretty important statement to make to an audience, largely of Canadians, and it would be very interesting to find out why it is that Trudeau has not admitted to the public and has been unwilling to actually put into the public record what we know to be at least billions of dollars of concessions.

And it could be. I mean, if we looked at just Pfizer/BioNTech’s own situation we know that in the case of Pfizer/BioNTech that last quarter alone somewhere between $8 and $9 billion, came in the form of the revenue off of all of the interventions that are being sold off as corona virus vaccines.

In the last quarter alone this would place this tiny little British Columbia company, which in 2009 was functionally owned by one person, Thomas Madden, who’s the CEO of Acuitas.

In 2009, he was largely the sole owner of it. He actually appropriated the technology in a labor dispute, which functionally was a trade secret argument around this. When we actually look at what happened in 2016, this is a very important point people, in 2016 somebody in Canada knew that there was something going to happen with this particular vaccine platform because in 2016 Arbutus Biopharma and Acuitas Pharmaceuticals got into litigation on whether or not the license for the lipid nanoparticle technology that Acuitas had from Arbutus was in fact capable of being extended to other pathogens.

In 2016 there was a significant amount of litigation and the license that Acuitas had to use lipid nanoparticle technology, developed by Tekmira, developed by Arbutus. The license was actually terminated in 2016. That coincides with the weaponization of SARS-COV-2.

Now, do we have at this moment in time the written record of the evidence of what we know was knowable? The answer to that is, no. There is no public information that currently exists that has been made in any format that any of us can access. There’s no public information to tell us what precisely transpired in 2016 which allowed this particular dispute to erupt between these two Canadian firms, all based in the history of Tekmira.

But somewhere in 2016, somebody knew that there was a lottery win to be had. And my guess is that somewhere inside of the Canadian health system and somewhere inside NIAID, in the Vaccine Research Center and somewhere inside the UNC Chapel Hill records, we will find that the Trudeau government was fully aware, by at least 2018, that we were going to have a significant pandemic requiring this core technology to be unleashed on the world courtesy of the Canadian collaboration on lipid nanoparticles.

There is no question that by the time we get to 2019, March specifically of 2019, we know that Arbutus, Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech and others were in fact working on a vaccine for respiratory pathogens. We know that information because they amended their patent filings to say exactly that.

Well, I think it’s very clear that Trudeau has for a significant period of time become extremely compromised in the fact that he pretends on the one hand to be a victim of a public health crisis, and on the other hand, not unlike Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, the spokesperson for the alleged level-headed response of draconian, lockdown and countermeasure approaches which create the market demand that says that we’re going to remove civil liberties, we’re going to remove the right for people to actually engage in any civil discourse but in fact what we’re going to do is pretend like we are somehow the victims of a natural set of events that have unfolded.

The fact of the matter is, he knows very good and well because he was party to, and the government certainly was party to agreements with Pfizer, with Moderna and with others where there was no question that Canadian firms knew good and well that the lipid nanoparticle technology was actually a front line contender for a respiratory pathogen simulation.

(Editor’s note: The Liberals refuse to release their purchasing agreements with Pfizer and Moderna)

And by no later than September of 2019 the Canadian government was fully aware and participating in what was supposed to be a global exercise to test the readiness of the world to deal with a respiratory pathogen pandemic that was planned and published in September of 2019.

The Canadian government was very much a party of that, so there’s no chance that this was not fully known, fully anticipated, fully pre-meditated. And there is no question that the script that Trudeau read from was a script that was in fact marketing what would become a federal restraint of trade violation in Canada, which was a very important restraint of trade by making the allegation before we even knew what the actual pathogen was technically.

What we know, is that Trudeau’s statements biased the marketplace against the consumer so that there was in fact, declared by the government a single pathway, a single market opportunity out of this particular pandemic.

By telling the world that the only way forward was a vaccine, what that did was it actually precluded the use of life-saving countermeasures that were (FDA approved) medicines that could have helped and could have supported the health of people. And instead of that, we watched people die while we were waiting for an economic windfall.

And that economic windfall is going to a private corporation whose accountability is not to a shareholder, is not to anything that has public visibility. It has the private benefit of being a private British Columbia company that can be used as a front for all manner of things, and it is in fact without question participating in one of the greatest crimes in terms of racketeering and collusion that this world has ever seen.

It’s important for us to focus in on this because racketeering and antitrust laws have been violated, and both the US and Canada have very robust antitrust laws. The fact of the matter is, there are three fundamental elements of antitrust, and all three are violated.

The first is that you cannot do what’s called market allocation. In other words, you cannot use either a public or a private institution where colluding parties get together and say we are going to tell the consumer what their only option is. That’s a market allocation violation, a racketeering thing.

You also cannot suppress information and coerce people into accepting a single scenario when the market forces are not at play. 
In other words, you cannot suspend from market consideration, other alternatives so that you pick the only winner in which by the way, you’ve already placed bets on the table in the form of funding and you also have an economic gain.

And you can guarantee yourself that the Canadian Government knows very good and well that it had huge economic gain to gain from the use of the lipid nanoparticle technology. And it had everything to lose if the lipid nanoparticle technology didn’t win.

So we know that the collusion was there. We know that the racketeering was there. We also know that there was insider information; non-transparent transactions from what’s called interlocking directorates where individuals who have the ability to set prices to allocate research dollars and to ultimately set acquisition policy to take that technology on board is in fact by very definition, the racketeering that is anti-competitive, antitrust.

Now, why is this important? It’s important because these are all felony violations. And what makes a felony violation far more important than a civil crime is that a felony violation, actually pierces the veil of corporate liability. 
And this is a very important point.

People need to understand the reason why I’m so obsessed with going after felonies and not going after civil cases is because the felony violation of antitrust laws, which is prima facie established in this pandemic, would in fact mean that the manufacturers would not have the protections provided in the United States under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, under the Prep Act and in Canada under those acts equivalents. In other words, no corporation gets civil liability immunity if they are complicit in a felony crime.

And once we establish that that is in fact the case, which by the way, does not require legal expertise, this is a prima facie case, meaning the facts present themselves there is no question that this was an act of racketeering and collusion. There is no question that this is an act of willful manipulation of market forces and violation of statutes, on both sides of the border.

And the fact of the matter is, the minute this becomes felony violation all of the liability flows back. Civil and criminal liability flows back to the manufacturers. And I can guarantee you that the day Pfizer and Moderna have to be on the hook for the lives they’re harming and the lives that they’re taking, there is no question that the entire terror campaign would shut down the next day.

This is a moment where Canadians need to understand that we’ve been duped as a community.

And by the way, that’s not unique to Canada. The civil society of the world has been duped to believe that we should be arguing about face masks and social distancing and whether businesses should stay open or not. We have been duped into having a conversation that is the wrong conversation.

There is a crime that is being committed. Our public officials are complicit in that crime, and there is no question that as a civilization, we owe it to ourselves and future generations to make sure that we are not silent while those who are in positions of elected authority are committing willful acts of crimes against humanity.

In the United States we have the unfortunate reality of not having the benefits of some of what you guys have in Crown law. But the fact of the matter is, in Canada as well as the rest of the Commonwealth, you actually have a mechanism where you can allege and actually initiate criminal proceedings without relying on the Department of Justice (DOJ) we have in the US.

We know that our DOJ here in the United States is corrupt. We know that they have been willfully incapable of prosecuting any of the known crimes, which, by the way, include here in the United States, one of the best known crimes that apparently we can now get away with: lying to Congress.

Anthony Fauci has now, on two documented occasions, actually lied to Congress, which is a violation of section 1001 of the criminal code. But lying to Congress is something that Fauci started doing in the fall of 2020, when he willfully failed to disclose the financial interests National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) had in a number of the technologies that were being promoted in this particular pandemic. Failed to disclose the NIAID’s and National Institute of Health’s (NIH) financial interest in a request that was made by Congress.

In a report submitted to Congress Anthony Fauci lied about his financial position, which is in fact a felony. And then obviously, as you all know, recently, he actually lied about funding gain-of-function research, despite the fact that, as we entered into the public record, there are over 50 letters sent out from NIAID and NIH to his gain-of-function funded studies when the gain-of-function moratorium was put in place, that in fact stated specifically NIAID grants that Anthony Fauci had approved that were in fact gain-of-function research.

And ironically, if you look at the influenza research, it is in fact NIAID’s own model of gain-of-function which is published as Why Gain-of-Function Research Should Be Supported.

We know that there are countless crimes, which are felony violations on both sides of the border. And we know that it will not be until the public forces this into action that any action will be taken.

We need to focus on where the issue is; the reason why we’re not talking about Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests is it’s not a crime to use the wrong technology to measure a thing that doesn’t exist. It’s not a crime, it’s stupid is what it is. It’s not a crime. 

I’m talking about things that in fact have jailable and financial and felony statutes that make sure that we are capable of holding people accountable and actually sending people to prison where they belong.

There is no question that your Prime Minister has violated not only the laws of Canada, but has participated in a bioweapons treaty violation.  And let me be very precise on why I say that, because when I make an allegation, it has to stick. And the allegation comes from the definition of a bio-weapons program.

Inside the definition of biological and chemical weapons, the manufacturer or the ability to provide the means by which you manufacture a biological weapon, defined under the statute as a fragment or a modeled fragment of a pathogen known to cause human harm.

The fact that it is Canadian company technology that is required to deliver this particular weapon means that the Government of Canada is complicit in violating biological and chemical weapons laws. And that falls to the Prime Minister. So when I make the allegation, I’m dead serious about it.

I am unwilling to be silent because I know that I actually have information.

And I have compiled information. And the bad news for people like Trudeau is, if you think that this is the only piece of information I have on things that he’s been involved in.  It’s a tip of the iceberg.

The fact of the matter is I’m very comfortable making public allegations against public seated people in authority because I happen to know that this is not one situation. This is not isolated. This is the beginning of a contest and I would be more than delighted to find out how deep they want to go head-to-head with me on what I know about their actions.

But the fact of the matter is, these things were all happening while we were asleep.

We need to be very clear on the fact that we were asleep at the switch and it is on us to realize that if this happened while we weren’t paying attention.  We better start informing ourselves more completely so that we do not allow corporate takeovers of our public space like has been allowed to take place in the last 20 months.

In 2014 the veterinarian, Peter Daszak, who ran EcoHealth Alliance, the company that has been criticized for its role in laundering NIAID funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. But it’s important for you to realize that in 2014, Peter Daszak specifically said at a public meeting:

“We need the public to accept a medical countermeasure for a pan-corona virus vaccine.”…“We need the media to create the hype and we need to use the hype to our advantage. Investors will follow if they see profit at the end of a process.”

Those are the published words of the guy who was the Wuhan Institute of Virology SARS-COV-2 architect. 

That statement made in 2014, is critical for us to think about because when you have a statement made that says that the public needs to accept a pan-influenza or pan-corona virus vaccine. And you say that after the World Health Organization has declared the corona virus based SARS to be something that has in fact been obliterated from human history. This is a disease that has finally been overcome, like we overcame polio, and overcame smallpox.

This is allegedly, according to the World Health Organization, an eradicated disease. But an eradicated disease is supposed to have a pan-corona virus vaccine which is requiring media hype so that investors will put money in because they’ll see profit at the end of the process.

Those are their own words; that’s not Dave Martin’s opinion. And if we in fact have the perpetrators of this crime telling us that they are going to do the crime, why are we left sitting agape in 2020 or 2021, going “Oh man, that just sounds like a conspiracy”.

Well, it sounds like a conspiracy because it is a criminal conspiracy. It is a racketeering conspiracy meant to harm and destroy human life.

Once again let’s go back and visit the statements made by Peter Daszak. As you all know, we had a period of time where the idea of a vaccine became quite popular among a certain ilk within the established public health community.

We know that beginning with the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act there was a means by which pharmaceutical companies were very interested in sheltering themselves from liability because they knew they were entering a phase where the increased danger of their actions was going to ultimately mean that business was not viable.

If you know you’re going to harm a population, you need to make sure that you do the groundwork to make sure, from a litigation standpoint, you move yourself as far away from prosecution as possible. We know that beginning in 1986 there was a commitment on the part of the people who bought Congress, bought elected officials in the US, in Canada, around Europe.

And in 1986 there was a willful act to take what was supposedly a loss-leading public health product like vaccines and turn it into a money-maker. And it turns out it’s a great idea to do that, because if what you’re going to do is ultimately, try to sell people on a whole host of other pharmaceuticals it is exceptionally good to build the autoimmune disease pattern which builds habituation to classic pharmaceutical intervention.

That began in 1986 and as we moved into the 1990s it became very clear that the HIV campaign, which was supposed to be the giant payday where we had the ability to somehow finally get everybody to be afraid of a pathogen didn’t pay off very well because it was classified as a lifestyle oriented disease.

And then what we had in the mid 1990s was the birth of the obsession about what was called a universal influenza vaccine. The desire on the part of industry was to make sure that every person would get addicted to taking the influenza shot every year.

It’s a great money-maker. It’s a wonderful way for the industry to keep jabbing people on an annual basis, and the problem with that is, as we all know, the influenza vaccine was far less effective
 than people hoped it would be.

And the public, not surprisingly, wasn’t willing to fall for it. Which led to a series of meetings, which took place at the NIAID Advisory Council, together with international partners to come up with a way to build a mechanism whereby we could convince the world that we needed to have a universal vaccine program 
for the world. 

The World Health Organization and NIAID, the Vaccine Research Center and their international collaborators got together and said basically, what we need is we need to have an event which allows a mass campaign of terror to be unleashed so that the public accepts something.

So they went down the pathway of a universal influenza and a universal corona virus vaccine. Tragically, there is in fact no evidence that either of the pathogens was isolated.

There was no evidence that we had a basis to create this mass campaign of terror. And even in what was reportedly a pandemic, we actually didn’t have people getting sick from a pathogen.

One of the reasons why the World Health Organization made it abundantly clear that COVID could be declared with no laboratory evidence is because if in fact there was a requirement for laboratory evidence, we would have actually had to test for a virus. But you didn’t have to have COVID-19; you had to have a series of clinical symptoms.

Ironically what we have now is a situation where we are in fact injecting people, and this is where we need to get very clear on this, and remember people, 
if you don’t hear anything else, remember the word ‘vaccine’ is misleading.

What is happening is the mRNA computer simulation of an S1 spike protein, thought to be modeled off of the possible SARS-COV-2. And so you got all of those preconditions. This is not a virus. This is not to disrupt a virus. This is actually an injection to make your body produce a foreign pathogen.

The theory being that once that pathogen is being produced inside of your body, and by a pathogen, I’m talking about the S1 spike protein. The minute that is produced we are hopeful, that’s what the official science is, we’re hopeful that the body then triggers an immune response which will build, not an antibody to SARS-COV-2. The thought is that we’ll actually build an antibody to the spike protein model that we’re injecting.

“They told us it was a vaccine because they wanted the shield of immunity of liability.”

Here’s the problem, people. Every single public statement that says that this is a COVID vaccine is a lie. This is not a vaccine for Covid. This is actually a medical countermeasure using gene therapy to try to manipulate your body into being a factory of a pathological substance; the spike protein associated with corona virus. And hopefully, that triggering an immune response.

We have to get clear on this: They told us it was a vaccine because they wanted the shield of immunity of liability.

As recently as the first quarter of 2020, in their own Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Moderna still made reference to the fact that the FDA considered their mRNA technology to be ‘gene therapy’.

We do not have an injection that is in fact associated with the actual pathogen model that is called SARS-COV-2. As a result we must call it what it is: a foreign supplied computer model delivered to the world from China at some point in the early hours of 2020, sometime between January 7 and January 20.

(Editor’s  note: Corona Virus SARS-COV-2 was rebranded as a new disease Covid19 for marketing novel vaccines.)

It is a computer model of a simulated pathogen, which was simulated from sampled populations of as many as 40 people prior to December 30.

That model was uploaded to servers around the world and was then used to identify a computer model of what might be the mRNA strand that would code the spike protein. And that is what is being injected. 

We have to get clear on the fact that this is not a classic vaccine; the way we are trained to think of vaccines. This is a gene therapy to create a protein within the body which is to create an immune response. And we’re hoping that by injecting that pathogen using Canadian technology as the vector, which is the lipid nanoparticle technology that came out of UBC.

We must understand that we have been told a narrative so that we actually shield companies from liability and the narrative is false. And our elected officials have willfully coerced the population using acts of domestic terror to make that message heard.

As a Commonwealth country, you need to re-examine your statutory basis of action and make sure that your Members of Parliament are inundated with the information that we’re sharing right now.

Your Member of Parliament must be informed that there is an active racketeering and criminal conspiracy that is actively harming the public. It is using the resources, the wealth and the innovation of Canada to violate international and domestic bioweapons and bio-terrorism statutes.

So the first thing is to make sure that people hear this message. The second thing is to hold them accountable. You have an election coming up very soon. And what you must do is you must look to those individuals who are standing for public office and quite specifically have them make a public statement. 

Are you going to allow this to continue, or are you going to do something to disrupt this? And any official who’s standing for office, who is unwilling to actively commit to a public inquiry, an inquest, and ultimately a Royal Commission equivalent must be voted out.

And you would vote for those individuals who are capable of making that comment. By merely having the conversation, it is important that you, as citizens understand your role in making sure that there is, in fact a public commitment.

Getting people on record is the first thing to do. But the second thing to do is to stop having debates that aren’t real debates. This is not about masks. This is not about social distancing. Those were decoys to distract us from the crimes that were being committed.

The crimes that are being committed are racketeering, bio-weapons, and in fact at least, reckless homicide, if not willful murder of massive numbers of our population. And we cannot sit idly by and allow that to persist.

I am certain that within this audience someone has a prosecutor, has a barrister, 
has a QC, has a golf partner, has somebody who has the capacity to in fact move forward. There is no question that we have – using six degrees of separation – the people within our network who are the people who can take the appropriate action.

Somewhere there is an elected official. Somewhere there is a prosecutor. Somewhere there is a QC. Somewhere there is someone who is within the reach of someone who is actually in this conversation. And the fact of the matter is, there is no question that it is not going to be the ballot box alone that decides this.

This is going to be the human factors of people who in fact take their initiative to make sure their network is activated to the issues. And we in fact make a very clear statement that says we the people are watchfully aware of what is going on and we are not going to allow this to go on in our name.

And we will be stronger because there are many people who now have the ability to know that they were here in this moment, at this time, informing themselves about what is transpiring. And we have the ability, as we’ve said before, to actually do what it takes to stand together. Because the only power that the incumbents have is to make sure we’re isolated.

And we just blew that cover a little wider open right now.

In my case, I started watching this thing in 1999. I started doing the things that I was doing in 2002. I started briefing the world’s law enforcement in 2003 about this before there ever was a SARS. And the fact of the matter is, the reason why I can stand so comfortably in knowing that what I’m saying is true. I have actually been watching this thing unfold longer than any person in elected office right now.

The fact is, I know what I’m talking about. And I know that they don’t. And one needs to be very clear on the fact that it is not courageous to stand with the truth; it actually is human to stand with the truth.

We will, as we the people, we will prevail.

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    Calling it fiction doesn’t make it fiction.

  4. Fred—you couldn’t even hang with Martin’s explanation because it was way over your head. This is exactly what happened. Fortunately we are solving the ‘single news source’ problem. Heretofore—3-letter news stations, WAPO and NYT, Facebook, YouTube and the like could simply censor any information that would lead to inquiry. Now with a host of new, reliable truth news sources coming online—only the stupid and lazy people was remain in a cave. Go back to yours.

  5. wonderful work of fiction… I appreciate the writing talent and imagination. You could be up there with robert ludlum! Well done..

  6. I believe that Dr. Martin’s presentations appear to be very reliable. I thank him for them, and his exposing this imposed humanitarian tragedy. I am wondering though if Dr. Martin is a member of the masonic freemasons. I seem to have a suspicion of anyone that is a member of a secret society.

  7. That article is way too long and should have been summerised with the full a/c available if anyone needs further info- articles if this length will not be read by the majority of interested people IMO the word needs to get out-this is not best plan.

  8. AFTER reading this article by Dr. Martin…it is NO wonder that this country is still around…the subterfuge to bring COV-19 through manipulation of the patent offices is beyond the pale…
    going back to 1999…

  9. Dear Dr. Martin,
    Having watched your videos and benefitted from your gifted eloquence and the indelible truths you have spoken south of the border, it is an incomparable gift to witness you here at home living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. You are simply a rare gift that I find simply as invigorating and purely, incomparably grand and unforgettable as the raw, free and wild natural world still breathing and alive here in the North. There is much to do to keep our desperately troubled world alive and breathing still. Thank you for the gifts you have and are..and give to us all. We are all destined for magnificence. I also am spending my life ‘keeping the light alive, on my watch”
    Until that time

  10. There are also these stories with chloroquine which was pushed aside in favour of Remdesivir by this fraudulent article by Mehra et al. in the Lancet. And there is also the story that they ban Ivermectin as a treatment. I have read also the following. In hospitals they administer Ivermectine to the “vaccinated” and they put the unvaccinated on intubation, with a big chance they die. The statistics this way generated are then used as proof that vaccination is the only way to stay safe, while it actually only proves that one should administer Ivermectine. I have no means to figure out if this is true.

  11. I wish people were smart enough to understand this…..sadly, most are still sleeping

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