What works and what doesn’t when it comes to masks

-by Chris Schaefer-

I have been teaching and conducting respirator fit testing for over 20 years and now currently for my company SafeCom Training Services Inc. My clients include all levels of government, our military, healthcare providers, educational institutions and private industry. I am a published author and a recognized authority on this subject.

Respirator Masks Engineered for Breathing

The mandated disposable N95, surgical and non-medical masks are not actually by definition, even masks at all. Masks that cover mouth and nose must have engineered breathing openings that allow the easy flow of air in when we inhale and easy flow of air out when we exhale. Examples of masks include respirator masks, Halloween masks, scuba masks and hockey goalie masks. Lacking engineered openings, the mandated closed cover, traps hazardously high concentrations of exhaled carbon dioxide thereby causing the restriction of available oxygen, which the wearer is forced to inhale. It is very hazardous to re-inhale your exhaled carbon dioxide. These covers that are mandated are simply – breathing barriers. I also refer to them as closed covers and instruments of self-suffocation.

Breathing Barriers Trap CO2 & Lowers Oxygen

By lacking engineered inhalation and exhalation valves — unlike a real respirator, these closed cover breathing barriers cause the wearer, exposure to high carbon dioxide and low oxygen levels that are rated as Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH).

Normal carbon dioxide in air is approximately 400 PPM (parts per million). In April 2021, Health Canada set the indoor exposure limit to carbon dioxide at 1000 PPM. Residential indoor air quality guidelines: Carbon dioxide — Canada.ca I have personally measured carbon dioxide levels within two minutes of wearing at over 40,000 PPM. Normal Oxygen in air is 20.9%. I have personally measured oxygen levels within two minutes of wearing as low as 17.5%. What the ongoing effects of these hazardous air exposures will have on the wearers’ health will vary. However, if I were to measure these exact same levels inside a confined space, in which workers were present, I would have to initiate an immediate evacuation alarm to get them out.

If hazardous air for yourself and your children isn’t enough of a concern for you to ditch the breathing barrier, then I have a couple more good reasons for you.

Closed Covers Breed Harmful Bacteria

Besides trapping exhaled carbon dioxide and creating a low oxygen atmosphere, these breathing barriers also trap heat and moisture. I know you have been told that the cover catches droplets that stop virus transmission, however that is impossible as 99% of all viral particles are airborne and enter our eyes and pores of our skin just as easily as mouth and nose. They travel through the air and can stay airborne for hours, if not days, depending on size and air movements. It is impossible for any filtering respirator, much less a piece of cloth or paper fitted over your mouth and nose, to protect you or anyone else from viral transmission.

By trapping heat and moisture, the inside material of your cover stays warm and moist, which is the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to form, grow and multiply, right in front of your mouth and nose. These closed covers are all bacteria generators. What effect does this have in hospitals on patient infection and poor decision making by health care professionals? Does this bacteria generator increase the risk of patient infection? Does the forced low oxygen atmosphere caused by the closed cover contribute to the poor decisions made by health care professionals that result in 28,000 deaths in Canada every YEAR due to preventable medical errors? https://www.rcinet.ca/en/2019/10/28/thousands-die-from-medical-errors-yearly-notes-advocacy-group/

Trapping heat and moisture also causes the degradation of the material of the cover which can cause the user to inhale the chemicals and fibres used in the manufacture of the cover.

Our Children at Risk

Wearing a breathing barrier will only harm your health and especially your child’s health. Why? Because children have a higher breathing rate than adults and require oxygen more frequently. Forcing your child to experience an oxygen deficient atmosphere is torture. https://www.dignity.dk/…/tortu…/torture-by-asphyxiation/ This does not include the forced chemical sanitizers our children are subject to in schools all day. These sanitizers falsely called “hand” are poison. Type in the brand name and product name and the letters MSDS into an internet search to learn the truth. Anyone that has completed WHMIS training knows this. Common warnings regarding this product include: Wear gloves and goggles when handling. If skin contact occurs, flush with running water at least 15 minutes. Remember, many chemicals, including sanitizer, can enter our blood and organs simply through skin absorption, the exact same way that nicotine and testosterone through a medication patch do.

Lastly, read the sanitizer label. It kills 99.99% of BACTERIA, not viruses. It has NO EFFECT on viruses. We have a lot of healthy bacteria in our bodies for digestion and other functions. What affect does this absorbed poison have on that?

So if breathing barriers and sanitizer cause us harm, despite what you have been told by Government Health Services, how are you supposed to protect your health? What about the age-old, tried, tested and proven method of a healthy diet, clean water, avoidance of man-made foods, plenty of fresh air, sunshine, moderate exercise, restful sleep, laughter and avoidance of stress?

We all have an immune system that can fight and overcome any COVID-19 threat if its healthy and we nurture it. Humanity has survived naturally for untold thousands of years. Now suddenly billionaires, certain government officials and medical officers are demanding us to accept an experimental chemical shot with no demonstrated health benefit. What’s in it for them? We must take control over our health as no one, is truly responsible for it – except us.

Now that you know the truth and the criminal deception perpetrated on us, what are you going to do about it?

Endnotes: The above was written as a letter to Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer in response to her Government Health Services mandate that all Canadians wear an N95 disposable, surgical or non-medical mask in public to reduce the likelihood of transmitting or developing a condition from the coronavirus known as COVID-19.

Chris Schaefer is a Respirator Specialistin Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Schaefer prints pamphlets containing the above information and distributes them for free. If you would like others to read his pamphlets on the efficacy and safety of N-95 and other masks, please forward a donation to help with printing costs: maskbrochure@gmail.com. Chris can be reached for questions or comments at

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDA) or product safety data sheet are documents that list information relating to occupational safety and health for the use of various substances and products. There is a duty to properly label substances on the basis of physico-chemical, health, or environmental risk.

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