What is Health Canada up to?

by Nick Mancuso

portrait of Nick Mancuso

• Since 2010, over 20,000 herbs, vitamins and food supplements have been removed from shelves in natural health stores across Canada. In some cases, SWAT teams raided the premises of Canadian naturopaths and healers and removed safe and effective healing products. Some practitioners have even been indicted and face criminal charges.

As a proud Canadian, I am outraged this is happening here, enforced by the very agency mandated to protect the health and well being of Canadians. How can we justify these fascistic actions and what are the root causes? Health food stores are closing down and businesses are being destroyed while, for the most part, the Canadian public doesn’t have a clue. High-quality herbs and vitamins are being replaced by low-dosage, inferior products made by pharmaceutical companies and Health Canada is going along with it. In fact, it is leading this shameful charge, pushed though by international pharmaceutical interests and the Codex Alimentarius of the United Nations and all GATT signatory countries. And it is all happening right under our noses.

Who is responsible and how can essential human liberties, guaranteed by both the Bill of Rights and the Canadian Constitution be crushed and shoved aside? What happened to our right to heal ourselves and the democratic oversight of a sovereign nation to protect the life and well being of its citizens? How can the Harper government justify this to the people who elected it into office, supposedly for the common good? It can’t. And it’s pretty clear to this Canadian that vested interests and international drug agendas, pushed through by global trade, are at the root of it.

Recent statistics show pharmaceutical drugs are responsible for over 750,000 deaths a year from toxic side effects and are now the leading cause of accidental deaths, having superceded car accidents. They are also the fourth leading cause of deaths in hospitals, after cancer, heart disease and strokes. On the other hand, there is zero evidence that vitamin C or any herbal supplement produced with good manufacturing practices (GMP) has ever caused a fatality. And yet vitamins and supplements are being refused NPN numbers (a license to sell) and removed from stores.

In the US, TV ads for pharmaceutical drugs feature young, healthy, happy people prancing about in bathing suits, a marketing ruse to distract viewers from the addenda of the side effects of these drugs, which, by law, must be listed. While Wall Street and the banks reach record profits and Big Pharma fairly crows with success, people become weaker and sicker, poisoned by endless tons of toxic pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and radiation. And government departments like Health Canada, which, after all, are just doing their jobs, prosper and hide behind the secretive actions that make this nightmare possible. But aren’t we all responsible for what is happening in Canada? And if we do let it happen, how can we then stop it?

The day may soon arrive when fully 70 percent of all natural remedies will have been removed from stores, replaced with toxic, watered-down, ersatz versions, which might cause serious harm.

It’s your body, not the government’s. It’s your health, not your doctor’s or Health Canada’s. It’s your inalienable right to choose life. Inform yourself. Be aware and wake up. Don’t let the bad guys win. Learn more at www.naturalhealthfreedomcanada.com

Tell your Facebook buddies and inform your friends. Take peaceful action and tell Health Canada and the Harper Government that Canada is still a free nation: I, ___________, as a citizen of the sovereign and democratic nation of Canada strongly protest the actions of Health Canada against the natural health industry and demand that Health Canada rescind its actions and make the government of Canada make fair and equitable compensation.

Nick Mancuso’s international career in show business spans 40 years. He has appeared in over 300 movies and is best known for his Genie-award winning performance in the Canadian movie Ticket to Heaven. He is also a painter and published poet and author. He recently produced and performed his one-man show God is a Gangster at the European Theatre Festival in Timisoara. His film The Last Gamble won Best Picture at the New York International Film Festival. Mancuso is a health activist and one of the founders of PowerHealthRadio, which he hosts. Watch Nick Mancuso’s Youtube video entitled Natural Health Freedom Canada Presents. Go to www.youtube.com and search for Natural Health Freedom Canada.

3 thoughts on “What is Health Canada up to?”

  1. Thank you Nick, on behalf of all thinking Canadians, for taking the time out of your busy life to champion this cause. We all know that Health Canada is just a lackey for its pharmaceutical masters. The sad thing is that our justice (just us) system has also been compromised by the vested interests. Hopefully large numbers of us will show up at court dates with the intent of shaming those posing as judges into doing the right thing for a change.

  2. Excellent article Nick. We can only do what we can do. For a forest to be green, every individual tree must be green. When we are healthy and radiate health, then we lead by example and can spread the word this way. However, we have an inalienable right to be heathy and look after our own health as you suggest. ‘Big Pharma’, Monsanto, and fast food companies are killing us slowly. Food, (and it’s additives), are causing most modern diseases, especially cancer. And, Big Pharma rushes in to finish the job, while costing us pain, grief, and billions in the process. I have taken control of my health since I was a teenager, and continue to do so in my 60’s. I try to centre my diet around so called ‘Superfoods’ — most of them I grew up on! Cruciferous vegetables, whole grains, super-grains and seeds, oatmeal, quinoa, fresh fruit, etc.. The interesting thing is that most of these foods are the least expensive — broccoli, cabbage, beets, chard, celery, beans and pulses. It’s the supplements that cost the most! And, I use an herbal detox regularly, along with fasting and good water. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for the feedback and wisdom, Warren!
      Did you see the next article in our September and October issues?
      We’ll have something big in our November issue as well!


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