Vote for health freedom

Vote Harper Out • Our government tells us it is allowing supplements that have been proven to be safe and effective when, in reality, it is selectively blocking the most effective supplements, i.e. those with a marked therapeutic value that directly compete against pharmaceuticals.

Health Canada’s latest moves are to limit the amount of selenium allowed in supplements and to place L-lysine on a list that would require stringent toxicological testing. While selenium is an important anti-cancer nutrient, L-lysine is helpful for cold sores and shingles and competes effectively against Merck’s shingles vaccine at a fraction of the cost.

Slowly but surely “Health” Canada is acting to limit our health options! We must focus on removing the Harper government if we cherish our natural healthcare freedoms. Consider donating to the Constitutional Challenge being brought against Health Canada by high profile constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati. Find out more at, which redirects to the CNPA Facebook page.

We are in this together! Canadian Natural Products Alliance (CNPA) is a grassroots organization made up of natural health practitioners, manufacturers, retailers and responsible health conscious Canadians who are dedicated to preserving their healthcare freedoms in Canada.

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