Vitamins D3 and K2 a game changing psoriasis treatment

by Dakota Hamilton

Finally wearing shorts after 47 years of psoriasis. Photo by Daniela Ciucci
Finally wearing shorts after 47 years of psoriasis. Photo by Daniela Ciucci

• In the summer of 2014, my psoriasis flared dramatically. By the time I saw my dermatologist, 90% of my body was affected by a combination of plaque and guttate psoriasis. The diagnosis: severe.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that affects three to five out of every 100 people in North America and Europe. It’s a four-billion-dollar-a-year business for pharmaceutical companies in the US alone. It devastates its sufferers and it’s incurable.

Those who suffer with this disease spend thousands of dollars on creams and medications. They fall for pyramid scheme snake oil promises of a cure because they are desperate. They risk their health on pharmaceuticals that can thin their skin, suppress their immune system or damage their liver or kidneys. There are always side effects.

My dermatologist suggested methotrexate, a chemo drug that can possibly affect the liver. To be eligible for MSP (Medical Services Plan of BC) coverage of the newer “biologics,” it would have to be proven that the methotrexate was either not working or was damaging my body. If I wanted to bypass the methotrexate – and MSP coverage – and go directly to biologics, it would cost in the neighbourhood of $20,000 to $25,000 a year. And there is no guarantee the biologics will work.

Here’s where a handful of luck is better than a boatload of knowledge. I searched the Internet and found the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) and joined the NPF-sponsored Team Inspire discussion group. There, I found a thread – patient hosted discussion – about a little known combination of the vitamins D3 and K2. And there were impressive photos. With nothing to lose, I ordered the vitamins. I had already eliminated dairy from my diet.

Six weeks after starting this vitamin protocol, I did not have one spot of psoriasis on my body, for the first time in 47 years.

I started my own thread on the NPF Team Inspire site called “…and his jaw dropped.” I chose this title because when my dermatologist saw me after I’d been on this protocol for only five weeks – his jaw dropped. Within a few months, the thread had grown significantly. Other people were also getting results.

But then things got strange. Trolls began visiting the thread with warnings about the dangers of high vitamin D3 consumption. Warning letters came from Team Inspire. Deletions of posts occurred – some of them mine and some from those who posted on the thread. More warnings from the “Team” arrived threatening my suspension from my own discussion group. I wrote to them asking “Why?” but received no response.

I found another like-minded psoriasis sufferer, Charlie, in Kansas. He was writing about magnesium chloride used topically. Charlie had found out about magnesium chloride by accident when he was working on his pond, tormented by mosquitoes. He noticed his friend wasn’t getting bitten.

It turned out his friend was taking magnesium chloride, orally. Charlie found a bag of road de-icer, which is mostly magnesium chloride and, interestingly, the highest mineral content in the Dead Sea, a destination for thousands of people suffering from psoriasis. He mixed it with water and sprayed it on his arms. It worked and the mosquitoes retreated.

A few weeks later, he noticed the psoriasis on his arms was going away. He sprayed the solution all over his body and although it burned, he kept it up – several times a day. Four months later, he was psoriasis free for the first time in over 30 years.

I was also using magnesium chloride along with the K2 and D3 so I suggested we join forces and start a new thread. Charlie was concerned he might have trouble running two discussion groups at the same time. His worries were promptly made irrelevant when Team Inspire shut down his thread. No explanation was given.

It had taken five months to get to 1,000 posts on my original thread. Our combined thread hit 1,000 in one month, the fastest growing thread in NPF history. People who had been using the K2-D3 combination saw their clearing jump dramatically with the addition of magnesium chloride. And the reverse was also true. When those who were using only magnesium chloride added the K2 and D3 supplements, their skin cleared more rapidly. We knew we were on to something.

But, as we were beginning to suspect, not everyone was happy about our success.

Here’s the reality. Pharmaceutical companies do not fund research of alternative remedies. There’s no money in it for them. They cannot patent supplements or vitamins. They fund research for allopathic – treatment by conventional means – medicines. Period.

Here is the list of the National Psoriasis Foundation corporate members in 2014:
Platinum: Abbvie, Celgene
Silver: Amgen, Janssen
Bronze: Novartis, Pfizer
Corporate: Lilly, Stiefel

Was this foundation being funded by large pharmaceutical companies? Were they in a conflict of interest? We had to wonder, especially after Charlie was again suspended, this time permanently. The more that people sent testimonials about the effectiveness of the protocol, the more we were being targeted.

We gave up, deciding the only way to get this information out to people was to start our own website, in which all the information about this protocol would be free. We used the testimonials that had been sent to us on the Inspire site – 40 testimonials plus 10 sets of photographs from people who had gotten results.

Within two days, we were threatened by the NPF Team Inspire with legal action if we did not remove all the testimonials from our website. A second letter threatened permanent suspension for me, with the additional threat that all my posts on the Inspire site – nine months of work – would be removed.

We removed the testimonials. And Team Inspire removed all evidence that I had ever written on their site. Nothing remains. And I have been permanently banned from the National Psoriasis Foundation site.

My crime? I had shared a natural remedy that was non-patentable and that worked, not just for me, but also for many others. A remedy that costs very little to maintain. A remedy with virtually no side effects.

There is logic to this new protocol. If three to five people in North America and Europe suffer from psoriasis and only one to two per 1,000 suffer from it in Asian countries, some questions need to be asked, including, “Could diet effect psoriasis?”

Excess calcium has been found in psoriasis plaques. Another study stated that people with psoriasis had an inability to metabolize calcium. Until recently, most Asian countries consumed little dairy. As their consumption rises, so does their incidence of psoriasis.

The highest amount of the vitamin K2 (MK-7) can be found in only one food source: natto, a popular food in Japan.

Magnesium chloride is used in the production of tofu, eaten in most Asian countries. And it is used in other Asian foods.

Vitamin D3 is the sunshine vitamin. The use of sunscreen, along with spending most of the workday indoors, has created a D3 deprived population.

How does this protocol work? In a simplified version, vitamin D3 pulls excess calcium from soft tissue (skin) and arteries where it shouldn’t be. Magnesium chloride keeps the calcium fluid. And vitamin K2 (MK-7) directs the calcium to bones and teeth where it should be. Dairy is too concentrated a form of calcium for most psoriasis sufferers to tolerate.

It’s encouraging to see more documentaries showing the questionable workings of large pharmaceutical companies. They have deep pockets and use them to silence or discount the findings of smaller companies that promote less invasive, alternative treatments for numerous diseases.

But we need to beware. Recently, a so-called documentary about psoriasis shows a man whose life has been shattered by the disease, although you never actually see his psoriasis. His doctor puts him on an unnamed medication. It’s a feel-good story. His skin is cleared. Happy ending. However, scroll down through the credits and you see the final credit – in small print – is Janssen, a large pharmaceutical company and a Silver Corporate Member of the NPF.

While there is no cure – hence the expression, “the heartbreak of psoriasis” – there are natural remedies that can reduce it to a minor irritation. Haven’t heard of them? Now you know why.

After decades of suffering from psoriasis, my skin has remained clear for over a year and a half.

For more information about this protocol – all information is free – visit

16 thoughts on “Vitamins D3 and K2 a game changing psoriasis treatment”

  1. Hi,
    Wonderful awareness- I agree on the magnesium, vitamin D not get tried the other one. The moment my one flares up – i soak my skin with magnesium or literally go to the beach. This stops the itchiness and the rest is history. It’s silly how not many studies are done on this – it’s best to test things up on your own and see what happens. Thank you for this article

  2. I was 40 years old when I became stiff. Could barely walk. Once I got walking I’d loosen up. Went to Dr. for blood drawls and my calcium was high. I asked him if that would cause it? He stated no. Well when your water is hard your pipes will clog up. I went and looked up high calcium levels and vitamin deficiency. It stated D3. I started 5,000 I.u a day. Within a week. I was walking normal.

  3. I’ve been using D3and k2 +magnesium for two weeks now and my psoriasis has almost cleared, I’ve suffered without is for 55 years, I’m over the moon.
    Thank you so much for your protocol
    Kind regards



    • I did the 35,000 IU of D3 and the K2 with minimal improvement, I added magnesium oil 50/50 mixture still with slight improvement. I made a psoriasis creme (I make cosmetics/toiletries), during a shower I’d scrub down with a scrubby bath mitt to get the excess skin off, after shower I’d apply the creme. This regimen stopped it from getting worse. It wasn’t until I added 6mg of copper and some selenium that it really began to disappear. Dr. Joel Wallach says that psoriasis is a sign of low copper, low copper can cause strokes (I’d been getting broken veins since the psoriasis appeared).

      Prolonged stress is what caused my psoriasis to appear-stress apparently eats up D3/K2, magnesium, copper and selenium stores-I also lost 4/5ths of my hair and what I had was going grey. Since I’ve been doing the above, plus taking collagen, my hair is growing back, and grey going away. I hope this helps someone!

      • Hello. I have suffered with psoriasis for 30+ years & im interested as to how you made the cream. Did you take the vitamins also?
        Any advice would be appreciated x

    • Two months ago, I fell and fractured my ankle in 3 places while hiking. The following day I fractured my wrist when I tripped over a walker. I was then diagnosed with osteopenia. The surgeon who performed my ankle surgery put me on a supplement regimen of vitamin c, D3, k2, calcium Citrate, magnesium, zinc, potassium, Mcha, boron, and cissus quadrangularis.
      Since I hit puberty, I have suffered from eczema over many places on my body- that all ended after taking these supplements. All of these supplements are in one bottle of Bone Support, the last is a supplement I could only find by itself. I’ve been scratching my head trying to understand why it all disappeared so suddenly. Now I know why.

  4. I am a Nurse Practitioner in the Pacific Northwest of the US. I will make sure to spread this to colleagues and patients. My daughters both have Psoriasis so it is something I am extremely interested in. It’s a WIN/WIN, safe, effective and inexpensive. Beats traditional Western medical care by a thousand miles.

    Well Done posting this!

    • I live in the PNW as well. I recently broke my ankle in 3 places hiking, then my wrist the following day. My surgeon put me on double doses of supplements for my bones and my eczema I’ve struggled with most of my life disappeared.
      I couldn’t figure out why until reading this blog.

  5. I just started K complex and D3 (three days ago) and I swear that my psoriasis are already thinner and less angry. I am so grateful for this post.

  6. glad to hear how well you (and Lucky) are doing …. howz your drawing going? I’ve been drawing coloring books …. send me your e-mailing address

  7. I found the article fascinating! Could you please, indicate where you find the D3 and K2 and in what doses do you take them?
    Thank you kindly,


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