Vitamin C and lysine heal hearts

A conversation with Dr. Gifford-Jones

by Joseph Roberts

Dr. Gifford-Jones
Dr. Gifford-Jones

Dr. Gifford-Jones is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the Harvard Medical School. He has been a family doctor, hotel doctor and ship’s surgeon. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and the author of seven books. His medical column is published by 70 Canadian newspapers and several in the US and Europe. See to read his medical columns.

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Joseph Roberts: What is the most important thing Canadians need to do to be healthier and live longer?

Dr. Gifford-Jones: It gets back to that expression I often use from Pogo: “We’ve identified the enemy and the enemy is us.” You know, if you keep going to hell, you’ll eventually get there. We’ve gotten there in terms of the three epidemics that are going on in North America right now: obesity and type II diabetes, which really are uncontrolled and getting worse. It’s going to bankrupt the healthcare system eventually because people don’t understand that both of those epidemics are associated not just with obesity and diabetes, but also with all the complications that go along with those two diseases. I don’t know of anything other than really Draconian measures that would look after those epidemics.

But there is a third epidemic we can do something about and that’s heart disease. Linus Pauling, William Stehbens and Sydney Bush proved you can reverse arteriosclerotic lesions with high doses of vitamin C and lysine. That should be a headline in every newspaper in the world. But it isn’t accepted by the medical profession because, for years, they’ve been brainwashed, as has the public, by the hundreds of millions of dollars of pharmaceutical money that has told everyone that cholesterol-lowering drugs are the be-all and end-all of cardiovascular disease. That’s a fallacy. The evidence for cholesterol-lowering drugs has been challenged by a number of people, but it doesn’t make the headlines. Here we have an epidemic that can be controlled, for relatively small amounts of money compared to the cost of cholesterol lowering drugs, but you never read about it in mainstream media.

Q: What about the other two epidemics?

A: The obesity epidemic has been going on for years. Basically, too many calories and not enough exercise. People have to stop eating the wrong foods. They have no idea of the number of calories they’re consuming every day and it’s the old story – if you don’t burn them up, you gain weight. And it’s not just obesity. It’s overwhelming gross obesity. It can’t go on. It’s going to come to a crashing end one of these days when they realize there isn’t enough money to look after all these complications. People forget that type II diabetes is associated with gangrene of the extremities. In Manitoba, 25% of the bilateral leg amputations done are with aboriginal patients. A tremendous amount of suffering; some people go blind, others lose their kidney function.

Q: Let’s talk more about heart disease for a bit. What do you see as wrong and how can we fix it?

A: Linus Pauling said if you don’t have enough vitamin C, you have inadequate collagen. You get cracks in the collagen and that’s where a heart attack occurs.

Stehbens, a pathologist at Oxford University, said Pauling is right, that the reason for these coronary cracks is inadequate collagen and strictly due to stress when the heart beats in the coronary arteries because there’s a huge amount of pressure going on. The heart beats 100,000 times every 24 hours so those arteries are under a huge amount of stress. He said, after all, the stress in the coronary arteries is greater than the artery down in the big toe and something’s got to give.

Of course, the person who put that all together was Sydney Bush in England. An optometrist who showed that by giving high doses of vitamin C and lysine you could reverse arteriosclerotic lesions by looking at the retinal arteries. He really should’ve been given the Nobel Prize not for the info about vitamin C and lysine, but for the fact that he put the photo of the retina before treatment and a year after treatment and you could see the regression of the lesions. I was skeptical of the findings so I flew to England to spend a week with him. I said, “Show me these before and after photos” and he did and there was no doubt there’s a regression of lesions. So if you can cause regression of atherosclerosis in retinal arteries, the head’s connected to the body so you’ll also have regression in the coronary arteries.

Pauling has really proven his theory. He used to say we’re all dying of subclinical scurvy. It only takes 10 milligrams of vitamin C to fight scurvy, but it takes several thousand to reverse arteriosclerotic lesions. So what Bush has really shown is that not only are you reversing atherosclerosis in the retinal arteries, you’re reversing it in the 60,000 miles of blood vessels throughout the body. So you’re causing a regression of lesions in all these vessels throughout the body, which means you’re going to have lower blood pressure, better blood flow to the kidneys and less renal dysfunction.

Better blood flow to all parts of the body also means getting rid of 25% of the amputations in Manitoba. What a cheap way to stop the tremendous social chaos and tragedy that bilateral leg amputations cause: to just give people vitamin C and lysine.

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