Vander Zalm talks about Smart Meters


I’m hopeful; I’m hoping that, in fact, the people will rise up against the smart meters because the issue is so much like the HST. It’s the government imposing – imposing something on the people that hasn’t been sufficiently looked into and that the people are upset about and they are spending a billion dollars without any consultation. And people are concerned about health effects; they are concerned about the cost of it; they are concerned about the invasion of privacy; they are concerned that people elsewhere are protesting elsewhere and finding out that it’s not for them. So they need to be challenged on this. I can’t believe the media is ignoring this issue. I was at a function last night with 160 people. We talked about smart meters. Everybody there, there were no exceptions, everybody was opposed, everybody was concerned. So when that many people are concerned, how can the government and the media sit back and totally ignore it? I can’t believe it.

They tell us the cost is a billion dollars. Whenever the government tells us something is going to cost a billion dollars, it’s generally a billion and a half, however, it’s a big cost. And that will have to be paid for by the consumer. I’m afraid that BC Hydro is going to go broke on this issue. And they’re spending so much in so many places at the direction of government, that eventually maybe that’s the whole idea, I’m not sure, that they privatize BC hydro too. And this will go a long way towards that. It will probably destroy Hydro in the end.

Well, the privacy issue is a great concern to a lot of people and I’m certainly concerned about that too because there’s a device put to the side of your house that basically knows what’s happening in the house, what you’re doing, when you leave, when you come, when you go on vacation, and eventually, of course, every appliance you buy will have a device that connects to the smart meter and they’ll know all the more still. They’ll even know what you’re cooking. It’s sad, it’s crazy.

The big picture, of course, is that we’re moving towards globalization. Eventually, we’ll be governed out of Brussels, Belgium or some place like that. And this all ties into that. They can monitor what’s happening in the world. It’s big brother, we’ll be totally controlled, that’s the direction we’re moving in – and we’ve got to stop it and now’s the time to stop it, not after it’s happened.

Editor’s Note: You can watch the video and on Common Ground’s new website.Transcribed from the video.

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  1. I would be very grateful if Common Ground could put in touch with Mr. Va der Zalm to tell him my story and what happened to me after the smart meter was installed (without my knowledge or permission), right next to my head by the bedroom where I slept at that time. I would like to tell him of the rapid and severe degradation of my health from near-perfect to completely debilitated in just TWO MONTHS! I would like to help him in his cause, since I was exposed in close proximity to both the meter and the device he is describing. I am now “allergic” to everything, including the large appliances in my home and even this wired-in computer which hurts to use bc of electro-static discharge.

    All you puppets–DO NOT believe a word BC Hydro is saying about these devices. Their “one minute per day” line is referring to when the meters “throw up” their info to the database. The other 1439 minutes of each day, these things are blasting radiation and dangerous radio frequency into your home, often right next to your heads and with great consequence, (notice how hydro is now putting them way back on poles or garages in all new home constructions??).

    My life has been shattered by this technology and I am only in my forties. Prior to this, I was building a music career with my music partner. Now I spend each day in agony and fear and cannot go anywhere due to my hypersensitivity to the “stuff.” Before installation, I was happily using wi-fi each day, now I can’t even be in the same room with it. Please get educated and help stop this menace. From looking around my community, I can see that it’s killing off our elders (I know of five who died almost instantly when the new meter was installed and I would wager that the numbers of elder deaths is up this past year and a half from before). It’s also harming our children, adding to the already huge burden of wireless technologies that have been known to exacerbate, and possibly cause, ADD, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD and other conditions). Everywhere look, I see people addicted to their phones, their i-pads all their gadgets. None of this is SMART! We have become a society of digital zombies. Just look how they are stopped in their tracks and have no clue where they are in space! And businesses like BC Hydro LOVE that. People are too distracted and addicted to question anything the big corps. are doing, and too enchanted by the new to believe any of these devices might be dangerous. To admit that, means they’d have to look at ALL wireless technologies and this MEMEME-based society is not ready to give up that candy yet.

    According to the World Health Organization, Canada alone with see 50% of it’s population designated as “debilitated” by electro-sensitivity by the year 2017. That means the other 50% will have to caretake us and bear the burden of a society that can no longer function. Oh! Canada!

  2. Did you know that these smartmeters have a second transmitter in them (not turned on yet) It is in the
    2.4 Ghz frequency range and will connect with gas meters etc in future! Also Hydro is looking right now for
    interest from developers for other electronic devices to interconnect other appliances in your home!
    Then you will have 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz radiation in your homes! Also these meters act as relays for other smartmeters, so when Hydro talks about your meter's transmit time, that is only part of the story!

  3. These meters pulse radiation far more then BC Hydro wants to admit,  watch the video from Richmond BC, watch the videos from California and tell me they only pulse a few times a day,  to be accurate, its as often as every Four SECONDS, thats hundreds, even thousands of times a day.

  4. Of course BC Hydro says that there is nothing to worry about but they are not being honest. 

    For example, when they say that BC Hydro won't sell our personal data they are proably telling the truth…they won't but the company that has been contracted to manage the data will….it's all in the language.

    When  they say that the Meters only are active 1 minute per day that is likely true as well but what they are not saying is that in that 1 minute the meters pulses a super high microwave burst of up to 100,000 micro watts as has been measured by independent experts with measuring devices. Also, they do this up many thousands of times per minute so it's not the minutes that matter it's the amount of harmful energy that is transmitted. If the meter on my house only transmits 1 minute per day, then my neighbor transmits for another minute per day, the guy 2 houses down another minute per day and so on and so on……..a whole neighborhood becomes a toxic grid of super high powered energy pollution all day and all night….we have to get beyond accepting the tricky legal language of big corporations and take the time to think for ourselves and read between the lines.  The EU Parliament and countless doctors, scientists and public health professionals have stated that governments should take all precations to limit exposure to EMF and microwave energy from wireless.  This should mean more to us than the word of BC Hydro and our corrupt and sneaky goverment who have been caught lying time and time again and who stand to gain a lot from increased billing and usage based billing as well as increased profits from laying off 400+ meter readers.  Everywhere Smart Meters go in, public health goes downhill and energy prices go up. Everywhere.

  5. I just checked out BC Hydro's website, and the information they provide suggest that "smart" meters are not bad at all.
    In terms of health concerns:
     – Smart meters are active for an average of one minute per day
     – Smart meters communicate using very low power signals (less than 2 μW/cm2)
     – Radio frequency signal strength drop exponentially with distance
    In terms of privacy & security:
     – Smart meter data does not reveal your behaviour or habits (total aggregated electricity usage on an hourly basis; smart meters do not capture real-time usage)
     – Smart meters do not store personally-identifiable information
     – BC Hydro will not sell your personal information to third parties
     – Smart meters securely communicate consumption info using multiple layers of encryption


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