Think, while it’s still legal

– by Tsiporah Grignon –

The Edd Uluschack cartoon featured in our PSA this issue expresses the uneasiness felt by those who have taken the time and effort to look beyond the mainstream narrative about Covid-19.

As Covid-19 became the biggest story of 2020, and as the whole world was suddenly gripped by fear of this virus, most people were naturally willing to listen to and obey everything our leaders and especially our public health officers told us. The world’s people watched images that went viral … bodies in the streets of Wuhan, China and the huge number of deaths in Italy. It was frightening, and information was changing daily.

But, after months of doing our own research, my husband and I wrote to our (one) local paper to question the official narrative they were advancing. Mere mention of the word “vaccine” had us labelled “antivaxxers” by the Editor, who ignored everything else we wrote. The newspaper dutifully reported every word from Dr. Bonnie Henry .

The key to the whole false narrative was revealed in an August 29 article in the New York Times, entitled, “Your Coronavirus Test is Positive. Maybe it shouldn’t be”. The article explained that the PCR test cannot distinguish live virus from dead nucleic acid, and was never designed to do so. Therefore, to tell us that each positive PCR test equals an infectious person, is wrong. Furthermore, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, if someone tests positive for Covid-19 at death, Covid-19 is reported as the cause of death regardless of whether the person would have died from their previous medical issues. Statistics Canada reports that in the first wave, about one-third of all Covid deaths involved pneumonia, and one-third dementia/alzheimers.

Another concerned Gabriolan asked the Editor if he would publish a letter with a different viewpoint to the One Single Voice we had been inundated with daily. That became a group letter published on October 21 in the Gabriola Sounder, signed by 11 Gabriolans, that began with:

“We are a group of concerned Gabriolans who, over the past months, are experiencing a growing discomfort with what we are hearing from mainstream media, and our leaders, regarding Covid-19. Since March we have gone from “flattening the curve” to fearing each “case” with no context for how many of those people are actually sick; the vast majority are mild or asymptomatic. Now, eight months into the pandemic, the public seems more frightened than ever, with no end in sight.”

The letter referred to the Great Barrington Declaration, written by three renowned epidemiologists, who asserted that the current widespread lockdown measures were causing more societal harm than any direct impact of the virus itself. Our letter ended with: “We believe Focused Protection is more humane and scientific than Canada’s current case-driven lockdown approach, and it is an important step toward a response that considers the broader impacts on us all”.

In the next Letters to the Editor, we were answered with long, heartfelt opinions telling us how mistaken we were. My husband corrected apparent misconceptions with official government statistics – only to be accused of spreading disinformation.

That is when my husband decided to put up a website,, using our group’s many months of research into suppressed issues related to Covid. Our website reports on: doctors and scientists who knew that the PCR test should never be used for diagnosis, that “cases” is a fraudulent designation being used to promote fear; that lockdowns, based on a misused test, are a social experiment resulting in irreparable psychological and economic harm, and are an abuse of our constitutional rights; that the rushed synthetic-biology vaccine is the very first of its kind; that it is medical tyranny to mandate a vaccine on the whole population; that long-proven, inexpensive dietary supplements are never recommended by our public health officers.

Headlines are updated daily, with editorial comment. Live interactive graphs are provided by Our World in Data. Links are provided to medical and scientific references that don’t fit the one note narrative that only a vaccine will rescue us.

One important piece of suppressed information is that Covid-19 victims are observed through blood tests to be seriously deficient in both Vitamin D and zinc, inexpensive immune-boosting supplements that could be made available to everyone in the world for free. One of our group asked his doctor about Vitamin D and was told that the doctor “didn’t believe in it”. When asked how much training in nutrition the doctor had received the answer was “none”.

This website is divided into 3 parts, Facts, Opinions, and Investigations. Empower yourself to make your own informed decisions. It’s your body.

Tsiporah Grignon is an  independent re-searcher and published writer on the politics of the global food supply. As a vocal advocate of socially and environmentally healthy small-scale agriculture, Tsiporah focusses on nutritional diet, as organic and local as possible, as the top priority for maintaining a positive state of health.

2 thoughts on “Think, while it’s still legal”

  1. I too have gone to the Government official Covid Website and also quoted the figures on mt Facebook page. I was criticized by many at the numbers. My reply is why don’t you check it out yourself instead of just believing the media.
    Sheep being lead to the slaughter

  2. I am happy and relieved that some people have the courage (guts) to expose the many deficiencies and partial falsehoods of the official narrative on our “pandemic”.
    Congratulations to you – I am just a private senior without websites or money. I have been taking vitamins C and D as well as various other supplements and WONDERING how it is that NO HEALTH OFFICIAL (incl. Dr Henry) has mentioned these simple protection tips officially. THANKS for stepping up – Common Ground and Tsiporah Grignon!

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