There’s reason to love a minority government

– by Joseph Roberts –

Did you really want a snap election at this time? The premier said we did. But on the street many say otherwise. This stealth election was long planned and sprung to overpower the other political parties struggling, like the rest of BC, during a pandemic.

The proverbial saying “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” conveys the opinion that, as a person’s lust for power increases, their moral sense diminishes.

I like minority governments because they can’t lie as much. Plus minority governments are more likely to keep promises. Keeping one’s word engenders good faith when cooperating with other parties. But majority control or absolute power spawns impunity…at least until the next election.

Minority governments, ironically, represent and protect the interests of the majority of voters. They collectively represent more votes cast. But that is irrelevant to First-Past-The-Posters who game the electoral system. The most outrageous burn is when FPTP gives a false majority and the popular vote loses.

Minority governments require cooperation and more decency. Elected representatives must listen to and debate issues with the knowledge that they must find common ground and survive.

Minority government politicians have to serve with respect and share the power bequested to them. Oligarchs, despots, tyrant, monarch and bullies all go for concentrated central control. Majorities foster more arrogance, back room deals, graft, and ultimately corruption. We have seen this play out with past premiers and prime ministers. It’s the old-school political power grab. One group of people is not satisfied with their fair share of power so they go for it all. Mary Trump’s new book Always More, Never Enough tells this about her infamous Uncle Donald.

So don’t believe politicians that say it’s for your own good. It is an attempted coup over cooperation. Like a predatory political animal pouncing at the chance to have total control of parliament they lust after 44 seats.

For the people in BC who know in their hearts that this surprise snap election during a pandemic was uncalled for, unnecessary, and a waste of time, attention and our tax money, then consider the following. If you did not want an election called early, then do not vote for majority same-old power-hungry parties.

Vote for a party or politicians who will work for fair voting via proportional representation rather than FPTP manipulation. Vote for politicians that truly protect the environment, who won’t use our tax money to subsidize fracking, pipelines or other destructive projects. Don’t vote for self-serving political leaders who always want more power at the expense of the public. We want our politicians to do the honourable job of working for the public good rather than their party’s power.

Vote to protect the environment. Vote to protect fair play. Vote to protect cooperation. Vote to make government honest. Vote for a minority government. Let those politicians besotted with power go back to the sandbox and learn how to share their toys with others.

photo by Ryan Bushby

1 thought on “There’s reason to love a minority government”

  1. Common Ground is one of the best independent magazines still around and has the courage to speak out about the injustices and deception taking place at this time. This latest snap election left candidates scrambling for identity in ridings where time and money was of the essence. It left little opportunity for the public to get to know them or their stand on issues, it was a power grab with nothing to show for a huge expense and effort. Shame on Trudeau. This isn’t a democracy, it is a sham.


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