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by Dane Stevens

Trauma is the most misdiagnosed, mistreated and ignored dis-ease in the world today. What we currently define as trauma is at the foundation of most mental health disorders. Fortunately, there is now a way to deal with this epidemic. The Neuro Trauma Healing Process can not only bring relief to those who need it, but it will also turn the tables on, and change the way we view and deal with, mental health altogether.

In today’s society, we have learned to deal with pain and discomfort by trying to get rid of it. Our current medical model supports this by helping us to cut, mask or numb it out. Unfortunately, this approach points us in the wrong direction, away from the root cause, making resolution impossible.

The question that will produce lasting healing is not the knee-jerk reaction of “How do I get rid of this?” but rather “What is this?” This question will point us within, to where the cause of the condition we are experiencing originates, helping us to understand it and give it – us – what we need to heal. This simple act of connecting within our self is the very foundation of our healing.

It is no secret that the sub-conscious mind is the key to sustainable healing. For centuries, a primary focus in the fields of psychology and healing has been to free us from our past so we can be happy. The mystery has been how to access this mystical well of information, with certainty, in a safe and gentle manner. Like electricity, it has always been available; it just needed to be discovered before we could utilize it.

To understand how NTHP can heal trauma, we first need to understand how we process information.

Processing our life experiences goes something like this: raw data enters our consciousness first through the right hemisphere of the brain, where we experience the full sensation of the event. We see, hear, smell and feel the very essence of it. This information is then sent to the logical, ordered, left-hemisphere of the brain to be made sense of and filed. If the information is too scary, bizarre or overwhelming, the left-brain will be unable to deal with and file it. It will reject it and send it back to the right-brain.

What does the right-brain do then? It does what it is supposed to. It once again experiences the full picture and sensations of the event and sends it to the left-brain to be made sense of and filed. If the experience is still too much for the left-brain to handle, it will send it back to the right-brain yet again, and the cycle begins.

This stuck event looping within us trying to be processed is termed a “trauma.” The brain’s primary function is self-preservation so it will try and push these disruptive thoughts and feelings out of the way, forcing the cycling experience to the sub, or un-conscious. However, the event is still very much alive, looping in our nervous system, trapped as energy in our body.

Unless this energy is released and let go of, it will out-picture itself in our life as a negative pattern, chronic condition or addiction, carrying with it the same painful or dysfunctional sensations as the original event.

NTHP is a new person-centred modality that gives safe and direct access to the sub-conscious mind, where the cause of the dysfunction lives. Whether our chronic issue is with health, wealth, relationships or fulfillment, we are guided to the root cause and shown what and how to heal. The guidance is uniquely ours because it comes directly from our own sub-conscious. Through a left/right-brain process and guided meditations, we are able to unfreeze the looping in our nervous system, allowing it to process the experience and file it properly, naturally and easily. This will bring us back into the peace and power of the present moment.

Trauma may now be starting to get the attention it deserves, but it needs to be recognized for what it is: unfinished business that is a gateway to higher consciousness.

Through NTHP, we have an opening and an opportunity to stop deep-seated cycles of pain and abuse that have been passed on through generations. We can turn the momentum away from living in and passing on fear, separation and limitation, to creating healthy, loving and abundant lives. With the ability to safely and directly connect with the life inside us, we can bring our past to resolution. We can step into peace, passion and purpose and be the person we were meant to be.

This is not only the best thing we can do for our self, it is the best thing we can do for our families, communities and world.

Dane Stevens
Dane Stevens

Dane Stevens is the owner of An Extraordinary Life and The Healing Centre, and the developer of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process© (NTHP). To learn more, visit Email or call 778-319-0749.

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