Thanks for the dance, Leonard

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Permaculture movements growing out of Transformational Music Festival culture

Brooks shared a story about one of his close friends who coined the term “grain damage” referring to how a fixation on grains and annuals, while feeding a lot of people, has not been the best thing for both the long-term health of those people and of the planet due to the reasons stated above. He showed us a real ‘food-forest’ which relies on diversity and cooperation among trees and plants. For example, a food forest does well with plenty of nitrogen fixing plants like beans or the local pigeon-peas supplying this the most in-demand nutrient for most plants. This, like in the Native American 3 Sisters garden which is corn to grow tall and create a structure for the nitrogen fixing beans to climb up, and squash which covers the ground with it’s large leaves preventing water evaporation. That’s cooperation through diversity!

Towards Eden

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Turner’s notes

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Giving peace a chance

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