Surviving cancer against all odds

– by Michael Abel –

Health Canada is in the process of updating regulatory frameworks governing natural health products (NHPs). According to the Natural Health Products Protection Association, current regulations will be repealed or amended so that natural products are regulated in the same way as chemical non-prescription drugs. As a result, some NHPs may only be available at higher cost or not available at all. This will impact people who are using NHPs to treat cancer and other illnesses.

Common Ground invited me to discuss my prostate cancer healing journey at the Victoria Health show. I talked to people about Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Dr. Kelly A. Turner. Dr. Turner studied over 1,000 cases of cancer remission. She found that there were nine key factors among the 75 things people did to achieve a complete reversal of their serious or terminal cancer diagnosis. Using herbs and supplements is one of those nine key factors. One reason I am alive is because I am taking my naturopathic doctors’ recommended herbs and supplements.

Another great information source is Naturopathic Oncology: An Encyclopedic Guide for Patients & Physicians, by Dr. Neil McKinney, a world leader in natural integrative cancer care. McKinney’s book is a wealth of study, practice and research with many scientifically indexed facts about cancer. After reading his book, Dr. McKinney advises getting “expert guidance from a licensed, accountable, health professional team experienced in treating cancer.”

At the Victoria Health Show, I attended an inspiring talk by Jason Watkin of Purica, entitled When East Meets West. Jason used his knowledge of western science and eastern traditions to clearly show how the mind affects health. After his talk, I asked Jason if I could say a few words. I told him about my blood tests where two different ratios had improved. However, if I experienced significant stress before the blood tests, the ratios went in the wrong direction. Seeing the actual results made me decide to do more about handling stress.

Reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth is helping me – in particular The Breath, on page 243, where Tolle says “being aware of your breathing takes attention away from thinking and creates space.”

In early 2012, doctors decided I was not a good candidate for surgery, chemo or radiation therapy. Instead, they prescribed four years of hormone treatment followed by two years of radiation in order to live seven more years. I declined this because I have a history of serious depression. Hormone treatment can cause depression. I was told I would be dead in five years. On December 21, 2019, I enjoyed and celebrated my 80th birthday with close family members in Victoria.

To read more, google: Michael Abel Cancer. You will find a fundraising website originally set up by his daughter Jenny Abel. The site has also become a way of sharing information. Updates 70 and 66 offer suggestions on how to stop Health Canada from restricting access to Natural Health Products.

The above is for information only. For medical advice, consult your professional health team.

Photo: Michael Abel at the Common Ground booth at the Victoria Health Show.

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