StarWise – November 2018

photo of Mac MacLaughlin

by Mac McLaughlin

A reckoning time is upon us. Yes, it’s time to take stock of our situation and, with some determination, truly strive to make some changes, personally and collectively. We have three planets in their own signs, along with a slow moving mid-month retrograde Mercury in square with Neptune. Let’s break it down a bit. Firstly, retrograde Venus stations and goes direct motion mid-month in its own sign Libra. Planets that are moving slowly become very powerful. Venus represents love, affection, ethics and morality. Libra is the sign of relationships and all partnerships, balance, justice and fairness. This combination heralds a call to set things right. If you have been pining for that special someone, now is the time to make your move. Bend to one knee, present your token of everlasting love and fidelity and hope for the right response. Of course, we think of love and marriage, but what I’m talking about is to make all things right. How can you better yourself? What will bring peace and happiness your way? Aside from the roses and lollipops, it might be time to call your lawyer and make that appointment to snip the ties that bind. Is it painful? Yes, but as we know, sometimes we have to bite the bullet and make the moves that will help heal the wounds and bring some form of harmony and balance back into our lives.

In essence, it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror and see what it reflects back to you. Jupiter is in its own sign Sagittarius, bringing a longing for freedom, openness and honesty. Jupiter relates to our higher consciousness and governs the medical, educational and legal systems that help run our society. Politics and all groups with an interest in benefitting humanity fall under his heading. Jupiter in Sagittarius will be on-board for one year and provides ample opportunities to get all of it right or at least on track. Saturn is in Capricorn and, somewhat like Jupiter, he is inclined to the running of business and all administrations. It truly is a time to roll up our collective sleeves and go to work, but before you go to work, do some work on yourself, such as praying or meditating and striving for a cleaner and more wholesome lifestyle. With retrograde Mercury in square with Neptune, it would be wise to go slow till you know. Things can be confusing and muddled with this planetary aspect going on. Think about it, think of the consequences and think some more before you do anything.

Mac McLaughlin has been a practising, professional astrologer for more than four decades. His popular Straight Stars column ran in Vancouver’s largest weekly newspaper for 11 years. Email or call 604-731-1109.

Aries ZodiacARIES Mar 21 – Apr 19
You’re the leader of the pack and the footsteps you create now will be the pathway others will follow in the future. It probably doesn’t make much sense right now, but in a year or so, it will make total sense. Read the introduction as the planets are affecting Aries strongly.

Taurus ZodiacTAURUS Apr 20 – May 21
You need to be your own best friend these days. Taurus rarely relies on others in their decision making. You can lower your head and charge at the train coming up the track, but it’s not going to get out of your way. Step back and reconsider everything. November is not your best time of the year.

Gemini ZodiacGEMINI May 22 – Jun 20
We can recall the truth and rarely remember a lie. It certainly is a time to strive for clarity, especially in all communications. Read the fine print and sign nothing until you have a complete understanding of the ramifications. Dreams and psychic impressions are strong now; pay attention to them. Creativity is at a peak.

CancerCANCER Jun 21 – Jul 22
The planets are casting strong glances into your sign. You are a highly sensitive character and a tad attached to those you love, possibly too much so. It might be time to loosen the ties that bind and set yourself free. Clear out the clutter. Say goodbye to what was and what isn’t any longer.

Leo ZodiacLEO Jul 23 – Aug 22
There’s a little conference going on in the heavens, as the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter join up towards the end of the month. It’s likely a revelation or two may come your way. You might be in the mood to re-organize or re-structure certain aspects of your life. Health is number one.

Virgo ZodiacVIRGO Aug 23 – Sep 22
You might be right most of the time, but it doesn’t give you the right to elbow your way through the crowd. The full Moon on November 22 is hot and it won’t take much to set off an emotional storm. This energy carries through to the end of the month. Think twice and respond with kindness.

Libra ZodiacLIBRA Sep 23 – Oct 22
A special grace descends as your ruling planet Venus stands still in her own sign, Libra. Weigh up and sort through what you have to do in order to bring the scales to balance. Sometimes, grace and mercy are not comfortable, as what comes is what is needed, but not desired.

Scorpio ZodiacSCORPIO Oct 23 – Nov 21
The Scorpio new Moon on November 7 heralds a new start or a new direction. Scorpio is the sign of death and resurrection – out with the old and in with the new. The best advice is to eliminate what doesn’t work and move towards whatever will bring peace and contentment. Let go and let God.

Sagittaurus ZodiacSAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21
Lord Jupiter returns home for a one-year visit. A busy and opportune time is indicated. Just before you jump on your stallion and head off to who knows where, make sure you have your act together and that you have your facts right and papers in order, etc. Aim carefully, think and rethink your plan.

Capricorn ZodiacCAPRICORN Dec 22 – Jan 19
“Those were the days my friend, We thought they’d never end.” We know the tune. These are the golden days for you. Embrace everything, hug a tree, squeeze the kids a bit tighter and enjoy all that life has to offer. Mainly give thanks for all you have experienced. Pray, meditate and give your love.

Aquarius ZodiacAQUARIUS Jan 20 – Feb 19
A career shift could be in the works. Plus, you might be feeling antsy or anxious. Venus and Jupiter are casting fine energy into your sign helping you along the way. Your overall fate was decided before your body was formed. Your task is to perfect this incarnation by living to your highest standards.

Pisces ZodiacPISCES Feb 20 – Mar 20
Mercury squares Neptune mid-month and you may feel you have lost your way. The best way is to stick to the truth and keep your aspirations moderate and realistic. Mars enters Pisces mid-month and will help embolden you in all kinds of ways. Career opportunities manifest throughout the next 12 months.

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