Stand up for freedom

Our right, our choice, our future

by Ted Kuntz

On July 6, 2020, Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC) filed a Constitutional challenge against the Government of Canada, Government of Ontario, Municipality of Toronto, and various public health officers for their handling of the SARS-CoV-2 infection. Since March 2020, Canadian citizens have experienced grievous violations of our charter rights and freedoms including:

  • the severe curtailment of civil liberties
  • the mass and indiscriminate containment of citizens, most especially the elderly and infirm who have not been able to see their loved ones
  • the imposition of masking, physical distancing, limits to socialization, and contact tracing
  • the shutdown of economic activity and resulting job losses and mounting national debt
  • the effective closure of our parliaments and courts of justice denying citizens a ready recourse

The impact of these measures on our physical, emotional, psychological, economic and democratic well-being is profoundly destructive and clearly not sustainable.

From Speculation to Evidence

When the SARS-CoV-2 virus first presented in January 2020, there was much speculation about the potential impact of this year’s coronavirus. Predictions of widespread infection with high rates of mortality persuaded governments globally that unprecedented containment measures were necessary to save us from certain peril. While there is more about the SARS-2 coronavirus that remains to be understood, compelling evidence clearly demonstrates that the modelling used to justify containment measures was invalid. Further, it is now clear that the vast majority of the general population is not at serious risk of complications or mortality as a result of exposure to SARS-2.

The isolation measures that were imposed are not supported by scientific or medical evidence. Further, there is considerable agreement in the scientific community that not only are such measures unrealistic and unsustainable, but that these measures are likely to increase overall morbidity and mortality. This new information should have immediately prompted our governments to modify and rescind lockdown policies and remove restrictive measures. Instead, governments have imposed even more restrictions.

There are valid reasons for Canadians to be concerned that an over-hyped SARS-2 pandemic narrative is creating unwarranted and unnecessary panic. Further, this panic is being used by governments to justify violations of the rights and freedoms that form the basis of our society, including our constitutional rights, sovereignty, privacy, rule of law, financial security, and even our very democracy.

If we don’t stand up for our rights, these violations will become even more egregious as Prime Minister Trudeau and others have repeatedly declared that “life will not return to normal until a vaccine is found.” Implied in this message is that a vaccine would become mandatory for all citizens, regardless of the risks and violations of our charter rights.

It is increasingly apparent that the imposed interventions and government overstep is far worse than the virus itself. Decisions are being made based on political, ideological and financial agendas rather than on scientifically supported, evidence-based practices. The real epidemic we face is an epidemic of fear.

Our elected representatives must honour their sworn duty to protect our rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution. It is the responsibility of our leaders to defend both the health and prosperity of Canadians. These goals need to reinforce one another.

Why We Question the Narrative

Those of us who question the prevailing COVID narrative and demand independent scientific and medical evidence are accused of “being selfish”. The argument put forward is that we are only concerned with ourselves. I see it another way.

I see the dismantling of our rights and freedoms and our sovereignty, both individual and national. I see the destruction of our economy, our livelihoods and communities of care. I see the opinions of the uninformed,

the misinformed, and those with conflicted interests dictating personal lifestyle and healthcare choices for the rest of us. I see robust, evidence-based practices being discarded and scientific facts deemed irrelevant. I see the aggressive censoring of debate if the information doesn’t conform to the government’s narrative.

I see an agenda to create a ‘new normal’ where human rights and freedom are replaced by mandates and dictates of autocratic and unelected leaders; where pharmaceutical and technology corporations, free of liability, are at liberty to impose vaccines, digital chipping, contact tracing and immunity passports, without our consent.

The unquestioning course of action would be to line up for that injection, wear a mask, accept when my privacy is violated, and confine myself to my home. But I can’t do these things and I won’t do these things. I can’t allow the encroaching tyranny to capture my family and my community. When I resist poorly tested vaccine products, micro-chipping, forced masking, the loss of privacy, and immunity passports, I’m not doing it just for my well-being. I resist these flagrant violations of our rights and freedoms, of science and democracy, for my children and grand-children’s children. I’ve lived my life with rights and freedoms, and I recognize when these freedoms are being unnecessarily encroached upon.

It is time to stand up and defend our freedoms, our families, and our country. Taking orders from financially conflicted philanthropists and foreign entities does not serve us well. I will not allow these manipulations to destroy everything we hold precious. During times of emergency, constitutional rights do not stop being important. They become even more important. Please join me in standing up for our freedom.

Ted Kuntz, President
Vaccine Choice Canada

Vaccine Choice Canada has a long history of protecting our rights and freedoms in Canada. These rights include informed consent, bodily sovereignty, and the right of parents to make medical decisions for their dependent children.

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