Some BC stores say “No” to GM apples

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GM apple in the hot seat

Health Action Network (HANS), in cooperation with GE Free BC and Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN), wish to thank the following stores and distributors for saying “No” to the GM apple. The stores below have committed to not sell the “Arctic Apple” and we acknowledge their support in this public health and economic issue. If your store is not on the list, download a copy of HANS’ retail letter, found at, take it to your local store’s managers, ask them to sign to commit to not selling the GM apple and mail the letter to HANS.

No GM apples at these stores:

Vancouver: Choices Markets (Delta & six other locations), East End Food Co-op, Eternal Abundance, Famous Foods, Greens Organic & Natural Market, Jim M Koo Produce, Sweet Cherubim

North Vancouver: Sprout Organic Market

Castlegar: The Biggest Little Fruit Stand

Courtenay: Edible Island Whole Foods Market

Duncan: The Community Farm Store

Ladysmith & 3 other locations: 49th Parallel Grocery

Nelson: Kootenay Co-op, Ellisons Market Cafe

Port Coquitlam: Pomme Natural Market

Rock Creek: Rock Creek General Store

Sicamous: Fruit World

Vernon & 6 other locations: Nature’s Fare

Victoria & 2 other locations: Lifestyle Markets

Whistler: Olives Community Market

108 Mile Ranch: 108 Mile Supermarket

BC government refuses to conduct promised review

The BC government is refusing to carry out a review of the genetically engineered (GE) apple it promised in 2012. The GE apple, developed by Okanagan Specialty Fruits in Summerland BC, is genetically engineered to not turn brown for about 15 days after it is cut and is under assessment for approval in Canada and the US.

“Unless the BC government acts now, the GE apple could be approved before the promised review takes place,” said Tony Beck of the Society for a GE Free BC. “The government needs to carry out a review which is fair, transparent and receives adequate input from consumers, farmers and scientific experts.”

In 2012, the Union of BC Municipalities voted for a moratorium on the GE apple and the promise of a review was part of the government’s response. The Society for a GE Free BC, a grassroots community coalition working for sustainable agriculture and against genetic engineering of crops and animals, has made several requests for this review and meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture – with no response.

“Our government must consult British Columbians, retailers and both organic and conventional apple growers on this urgent GE apple problem,” said Teresa Lynne of GE Free BC. The BC Fruit Growers’ Association has also requested a moratorium on approving the GE apple.

In 2012, the Liberal government noted its concern about negative impacts of the GE apple and promised a review: “The Province recognizes that production of Genetically Engineered (GE) fruit trees and their products, including tree fruit and pollen, raises human and environmental health concerns in export markets. These concerns can negatively impact access to those export and some domestic markets for both conventional and organic products.

“If the Federal Government were to allow unconfined production of GE trees and other fruits in Canada, the fruit production and sales could be significantly impacted. The Province will explore the complex GE fruit issue and the UBCM resolution. Upon completion of this review, the Province will provide UBCM with its findings.”

Take action in BC

write to the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Norm Letnick, demanding the promised review. Many BC retailers are committing to not sell the GM apple if it is approved. Talk to your grocery store manager today.

More info at, and

Call GE Free BC at 604-475-4457 or HANS at 855-787-1891.

Society for a GE Free BC

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  1. I think it says something fundamentally sick about a society that buys food for what it isn’t, not what it is. My guess is that these stores have already been cashing in on the sales of “gluten free” and “GMO free” for some time. Its a very profitable business and the wealthy people of BC certainly have the money to spend on that. Adding their name to this list will probably get them even more of the money from their rich patrons.


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