Safe food advocates organize

Renowned Health Canada whistleblower and food safety crusader Dr. Shiv Chopra will headline the launch of The Canadian Council on Food Sovereignty and Health on May 24 in Windsor, Ontario.

Chopra’s fiery speeches last winter called citizens to action to take back a corrupted food supply, inspiring a group of Windsor food activists to start a national movement. John Jones, organizer and campaigner in the Windsor organic food movement, says establishing a national food advocacy organization in Windsor Essex, the largest food-producing region in the country, makes perfect sense.

“The launch of the Council,” says Jones, “is meant to be the beginning of a national movement of Canadians mobilizing against government corruption of the food system.”

The European Union and other jurisdictions banned non-therapeutic uses of hormones and antibiotics in food-producing animals years ago. However, these and others toxins continue to be approved in Canada – thanks to government deregulation – and make their way into the food supply via injectable products and animal feed. Dr. Chopra calls these contaminants the ‘five pillars of food safety.’

“You take these five products out of the food system – hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, pesticides and slaughterhouse waste – then everything is automatically organic,” Chopra says.

Both Jones and Chopra agree that these ‘five materials’ must be banned and that the public has the right to demand it.

“We have to start a movement at the municipal and local level,” says Chopra. “If government isn’t doing its job, let the people take food sovereignty into their own hands and take charge of their own food production.”

On May 24, Jones and Chopra will share the stage with other speakers to launch the Canadian Council on Food Sovereignty and Health and to unpack its mission. Speakers also include Elizabeth May (Leader, Green Party), Alex Atamanenko (MP, NDP), Paul Dewar (MP, NDP) and David Yazbeck (Counsel).

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