Rocco Galati and the Constitutional Rights Centre

Rocco Galati is forever mindful of his father’s court-martial and internment for opposing Mussolini. “He always told me the fascists don’t come marching in overnight. It’s a slow march.”

Galati is a Canadian Constitutional lawyer renowned for taking, and winning, difficult cases. In each case Galati commits to challenging the unconstitutional actions and omissions of the state. In fact, his practice is basically restricted to proceedings against the Crown. “The most egregious violations against humanity are not committed by individuals. They are committed by governments. All wars, genocides, systemic crimes against humanity, enslavement and abuses of human rights have been committed by states”, warns Galati. Galati has had an outstanding 32-year career as a litigator. He has well over 500 cases reported in the jurisprudence, at all level Courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Several of these cases are seminal. Twice, Galati was named one of “Canada’s Top 25 Influential Lawyers” by “Canadian Lawyer Magazine”. Given this reputation, Vaccine Choice Canada retained the services of Galati in 2019 to address the systemic violations by the Government of Ontario as pertains to the mandating of childhood vaccinations for public school attendance.

Galati’s fervour is apparent in a public statement delivered on the steps of the Ontario legislature on October 29, 2019: “The right to choose does not belong to the state. It belongs to the individual. Only in a police state could you violate a person’s body without their informed knowledge and consent.”

When the systemic violations of constitutional rights and freedoms began in March 2020, Vaccine Choice Canada again retained the services of Galati. Galati characterizes the COVID measures as “the biggest example of misinformation and lies on a global scale that we’ve seen.”

On July 6, 2020, Galati filed a 191-page Constitutional challenge (Statement of Claim) in the Ontario Superior Court against the Government of Canada, Government of Ontario, Municipality of Toronto, as well as various public health officers seeking an end to the COVID measures.

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After the initial panic surrounding COVID-19, the objective facts indicate there is no medical justification for a continued state of emergency. The collateral damage caused to our economy, communities and individuals is having a greater negative impact than the virus itself.

The government’s response has become disproportionate to the risk. We call for an immediate restoration of our civil liberties and a return to normal democratic governance. This includes resuming parliament and open public access to our courts. Nationally, Vaccine Choice Canada has commenced legal action in the Ontario Superior Court. In BC, Action4Canada has launched a fundraising initiative in defense of our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

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