Rioters yearn for “clear and deep purpose”?


The riots in downtown Vancouver on June 15, 2011 reveal how many people are still without a strong sense of meaningful purpose in their lives (and also honour). When you have a clear and deep purpose, you feel truly alive so spectacles of violence are not needed to bring that feeling of aliveness. It is even more important that we continue to spread inspiration and purpose to those who feel aimless, restless and thirsty for higher truth. It’s easy to feel sad and angry about violent behaviour, but it’s important to realize that everyone has the capacity for greatness when their energy is inspired by a higher purpose. That’s why we must shift our own responses away from shame and disgust into compassion and understanding of the root causes. And there are many causes!

This note is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis – just a reminder for us to reach for compassion. We can stop ourselves from simply calling others “assholes.” We can educate ourselves and our governing institutions about new ways to co-create and share a more beautiful reality. Otherwise, the result is martial law and removal of freedoms, or further apathy from hungering souls. Some of the energy dynamics involved: whenever there is going to be a large crowd of agitated humans (whether it’s a hockey game or a political protest), many people are magnetically drawn to that energy so they can experience the vivid life force that may erupt from such a field. Anger, violence and spectacle feel much more invigorating than boredom, shame and meaninglessness. The violence feels epic and larger than life and many hunger for opportunities to feel this. Many will watch for these chances, even at the cost of their own arrest, physical injury and at the cost of others’ safety and property.

If people were to find their purpose through the help of loving community and mentors who cared to understand their needs, they would not be attracted to these dark pools and instead find the life force through love-based actions. Their inner fire would find expression through creativity and meaning.

– Little Woo

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