People power is rising

WRITING ON THE WALL by Joseph Roberts

June, with the most daylight hours of any month, is calling us to action.

The time has come to stand up for our community, environment, democracy, our planet and ourselves. June, like the song Rise Up by Parachute Club, quoted in this article, captures the essence that now, people’s time has come.

We want power
We want to make it ok
Want to be singin’ at the end of the day
Children to breathe a new life
We want freedom to love who we please

In 1984, Rise Up won the Juno Award for Single of the Year. George Orwell who imagined a different 1984 said, “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act”.

Talkin’ ‘bout the right time to be workin’ for peace
Wantin’ all the tension in the world to ease
This tightrope’s gotta learn how to bend
We’re makin’ new plans
Gonna start it again

A huge empowerment is happening. People are no longer pacified by the mass media colluding with government, banks, Wall Street, nor do we still believe in the official story line with its corruption, out-right lies and broken promises. We want accountability, and we want it now.

That is why thousands walked on Vancouver Island with Alexandra Morton to protect the wild salmon migration routes from open-net fish farms. At the event’s culmination on the steps of the BC Legislature, Vicki Husband, Order of Canada recipient, one of Canada’s most well known and respected environmental heroes, announced to the celebratory crowd that they were the largest mass environmental demonstration in BC’s history. Find out your next step at

Fight HST

That also is why over half a million registered BC voters have already signed the fightHST petition to stop the Hideous Secret Tax that would transfer a 1.9 billion tax burden from corporations onto the middle class and poor. You can still sign this petition until July 5. Be part of this historic referendum and recall action, more information at

With companies in the Gulf of Mexico making millions per day cleaning the oil spill, business as usual has become disaster capitalism. Remember the war to end all wars that did not end all wars, remember Laos the nine years of constant bombing in a secret war, remember Vietnam, remember Enron, remember who killed the electric car and remember Katrina … lest we forget. Oil companies, like drug companies or drug pushers, addict and financially enslave. Ignorance is not bliss, its ignorant.

Here is a quote from Kevin Daum, founder of Save the Oceans Inc, about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the protracted, expensive clean up.

 “You need to know how oil spills are currently being cleaned up, why they cost so much and how they could be cleaned up to minimize the damage using the technology that would have minimized the harm and cost. Let me break this down into simple steps for you starting with plugging the hole(s). What they are doing is trying to make a super duper capping device that allows them to control the spill and keep pumping oil. So far it’s not working and there are some pretty impressive reasons/excuses why this is not working. Let’s apply some common sense to this problem. Find a barge, fill it with cement, tow it over the hole, sink it and problem solved. Is that too simple? A couple of day’s work and a little expense to minimize a major disaster. Please tell me that this is just incompetence.”

“…I could go on and on for pages and pages with the complete utter nonsense surrounding spill cleanup yet the bottom line is always the same. The environment is destroyed along with the local economy, lots of oil is left behind and then the lawyers get to jump in and make lots of money to add injury to insult. Don’t believe me? Just take a trip up to Alaska and ask Dr Riki Ott her opinion on the subject. She wrote the book on that Exxon spill fiasco.”

“…I’m trying to get you to understand that the whole thing is a big media event to make you believe that it’s really a lot harder to deal with the problem then it really is. The problem is that this is being done at your expense. All spills can be quickly rendered non-sticky and recovered at less than 10% of the cost of the current fraudulent and amateur methods being used.” For the full article and video go to

Now closer to home, here is a news flash: “Calgary, Alberta, May 27, 2010 – Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB) (NYSE:ENB) (Enbridge) announced today that it has filed an application with the National Energy Board for the construction and operation of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline which involves a new twin pipeline system between Edmonton, Alberta and a new marine terminal in Kitimat, British Columbia to export petroleum and import condensate.”… Patrick D. Daniel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Enbridge Inc. said, “It’s an important step forward in the thorough and comprehensive public review that will provide opportunities to learn more about the project and to provide input to the Joint Review Panel.”

Well, many more think it is a dangerous step backward that needs to be stopped. Let us be clear Mr. Daniel, CEO, we don’t want a stinking pipeline, the toxic Tar Sands crude, or a supertanker port on our coastline. We don’t need to “learn more” from your PR flacks. It looks like you front for lots of money, so please don’t tarnish our landscape or ocean with a proposed pipeline. Instead your company could invest in solar energy, windmills, electric cars, a better bicycle, clean water systems for the poor, organic food, something decent that will leave a more healthy living legacy for our children.

Chris Hedges, an American journalist, war correspondent, Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle (2009) authour, recently wrote The Greeks Get It.

“Here’s to the Greeks. They know what to do when corporations pillage and loot their country. They know what to do when Goldman Sachs and international bankers collude with their power elite to falsify economic data and then make billions betting that the Greek economy will collapse. They know what to do when they are told their pensions, benefits and jobs have to be cut to pay corporate banks, which screwed them in the first place. Call a general strike. Riot. Shut down the city centers. Toss the bastards out. Do not be afraid of the language of class warfare—the rich versus the poor, the oligarchs versus the citizens, the capitalists versus the proletariat. The Greeks, unlike most of us, get it.” 

“What is happening in Greece, what will happen in Spain and Portugal, what is starting to happen here in states such as California, is the work of a global, white-collar criminal class. No government, including our own, will defy them. It is up to us. Barack Obama is simply the latest face that masks the corporate state. His administration serves corporate interests, not ours. Obama, like Goldman Sachs or Citibank, does not want the public to see how the Federal Reserve Bank acts as a private account and ATM machine for Wall Street at our expense. He, too, has helped orchestrate the largest transference of wealth upward in American history. He serves our imperial wars, refuses to restore civil liberties, and has not tamed our crippling deficits. His administration gutted regulatory agencies that permitted BP to turn the Gulf of Mexico into a toxic swamp. The refusal of Obama to intervene in a meaningful way to save the gulf’s ecosystem and curtail the abuses of the natural gas and oil corporations is not an accident. He knows where power lies. BP and its employees handed more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.”

The Greeks got it right…who’s next?

So what is a person to do about all this manipulation and deception?

We want lovin’ we want laughter again
We want heartbeat
We want madness to end

Information is power. At your fingertips you have a road map for prevention, recovery and empowerment. Find common ground to connect your outward networking with the inward journey to your soul, where beauty, love and wisdom dwell.

It’s time for a celebration
Everbody’s time has come
Spirits time has come …
rise and show your power…

Power to the people, where it rightfully belongs.

Join us.

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