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How LED light therapy helped my sister

— by Fairlyn Kamer —

Sarah and Fairlyn Kamer
Close-up of an LED Light Therapy pad (top of page). Sarah Kamer (above left) with Fairlyn Kamer, CLt, article author and owner of Lit LED Light Therapy. Photo by Thom Hamilton.

My first encounter with LED Light Therapy was via my younger sister, Sarah. When she was just 18 months old, Sarah was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in every joint of her body. She suffered from severe chronic pain daily and had been prescribed every anti-inflammatory and pain medicine under the sun. More often than not, she would end up hospitalized due to side effects and adverse reactions to these drugs. By the time she was 20, she had less then 30 percent cartilage left in most of her joints, and had the bone density of a 70-year-old woman with osteoporosis. She was hunched over and crippled. The pain had become so unbearable in her hips that she decided to undergo surgery to replace them. The surgeries helped reduce the pain, increased her mobility, and alleviated her crooked gait.

Sarah had been living an independent active life until four years ago when she was hospitalized due to a severe bout of sepsis that began with an ear infection. Again, every joint was affected by the condition. Her left knee swelled to the size of her head, her joints became locked and immobile, and she was bed-ridden for seven weeks. When she was released from hospital her doctors informed her that her weak immune system was comparable to that of an end-of-life AIDS patient. She also learned that the damage from the sepsis was so severe that she would likely never walk again. To function normally without pain and without the use of a wheelchair, she would have to have many more joints replaced.

Her doctors prescribed numerous prescription drugs to boost her immune system, thin her blood, and decrease inflammation. Having so many issues with medication in the past, this made Sarah very concerned. She was 30 years old and was not willing to accept being in a wheel chair and being dependent on pills for the rest of her life.

Sarah began looking for alternative treatments and found Valery Meyer and her LED Light Therapy clinic in Langley, British Columbia. After seeing Valery twice a week for three weeks and making some dietary changes, Sarah no longer needed the prescribed immune system boosting and blood thinning drugs. After three months she was able to stand up and walk a few steps. In nine months she was able to walk again. Today her electric wheel chair only gets used for very long distances and mostly serves as a cozy bed for her cat.

LED Light Therapy uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver near-infrared light photons directly to your cells. Research has shown that the near-infrared light photons used in LED Light Therapy have numerous beneficial effects. They will:

  • reduce pain and inflammation
  • speed up healing process and promote cellular regeneration
  • create osteo-blasts which increase bone density
  • detoxify systems and eliminate pathogens
  • reduce stress and balance emotions
  • dissolve cell memory and shift cell polarity
  • clear emotional and energetic patterns
  • alkalize and normalize cells
  • naturally stimulate nitric oxide production in the brain
  • increase circulation and strengthen arteries, and
  • stimulate release of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

When combined with a proper whole foods diet, LED Light Therapy can help bring your body back into balance and restore optimal health. It has been proven to be safe and gentle for people of all ages. There are no lasers, no needles, no pain – just warm, soothing light. Whether you suffer from chronic pain and inflammation, diabetic neuropathy, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, IBS, poor circulation, memory loss, skin disorders and many other conditions, LED Light Therapy can help you to get your quality of life back.

This information is not claiming to cure or prevent any disease and is meant only to help restore your body’s natural balance. Please seek proper medical care when needed. For further information visit

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