BC Salmon Farmers Assoc. deflects blame for its contaminated fish

Letter to the BC Salmon Farmers Association

A few weeks ago [early May], I saw you respond negatively to a letter asking for independent testing of your farmed salmon. Now, two of your farms have tested positive for the highly contagious IHN virus, resulting in the ordered killing of your stocks. Without any proof, you place the blame of your outbreaks entirely on wild fish, while deceptively proclaiming IHN won’t harm wild salmon. Those studies you quote were done on adult salmon, yet you don’t mention numerous studies showing IHN to be “deadly to juvenile wild salmon” – you know, the innocent ones now swimming past your filthy, infected farms. While the world’s leading labs are confirming a myriad of “European strain” diseases from store-bought BC farmed salmon, you not only deny those findings as well, but arrogantly still refuse independent testing. This has many of us questioning your ethics or lack thereof. Since your main argument with independent lab results is about “foul play” or “contamination,” why don’t you accompany your fish to the lab just to make sure there’s no hanky panky going on? If your fish are as squeaky clean as you claim, there should be no problem. The public and wild salmon deserve to know.

– Angela Koch, Quadra Island

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