ISIS is Saudi Arabia


President Obama, Bush and the king of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Beheaded Twice as Many People as ISIS in 2015

Since mass media news is now entertainment, let’s use entertainment to tell the news and connect the dots. Yes, folks that’s the Saudi king and two US presidents. And golly shucks that is George Bush and the Saudi king laughing with swords over their shoulders, like the one on Saudi Arabia’s flag, and used for chopping off more heads than you can shake a stick at. “What constitutes a crime, the proof required to prove it, and the sentence it carries are entirely up to a judge to decide,” according to Human Rights Watch.


oil revenue donations to ISIS
oil revenue donations to ISIS



It is about greed, power, military sales and oil. John Kerry carrying out the Whitehouse plans. These could include, but are not limited to, rather unfortunate options any oil rich country that strays too far.

The Empire really does strike back – with tried and true Regime Change, or the more modern Failed State option supported by lots of sanctions, boycotts, no fly zones, bombing and invasions – after which oil assets are managed by America.

Remember terrorist are people who don’t own an air force. Saudi Arabia is where Harper’s government contracted to sell billions of armored vehicles to further oppress people. Unfortunately the Liberals continue to deal arms to these executioners. We did not elect Trudeau to continue these contracts with states that don’t honour human rights. We ‘voted for REAL CHANGE and Justin must honour that.

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