Has Nuclear Power Brought us Happiness?

Documentary film marks Fukushima 5th Anniversary

• Five years after a massive earthquake brought catastrophe to the Tokyo Electric Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant, the difficult and slow clean up of radio active contamination continues – on land and in the ocean – on Japan’s east coast.

Nuclear Japan, a documentary film directed by Hiroyuki Kawai, a 70-year-old lawyer, follows the accident’s aftermath, and examines the now very heated issue of nuclear power in Japan. It begins hours after the quake as a fire brigade desperately searches for people swept away by the disastrous tsunami. However, almost immediately, there are questions about radioactive material escaping from Fukushima. The Japanese government swiftly declares the area within 10 km of the crippled reactor an evacuation zone. As a result, the fire brigade is forced to give up the search…

A month later, the search for missing persons resumes, and more than 180 bodies are found along the shores of Namie Township. If it weren’t for the nuclear accident, most of those lives taken by the tsunami could have been saved.

Director Hiroyuki Kawai has been fighting legal battles to halt nuclear power in Japan for over 20 years, and that fight was invigorated by the crisis at Fukushima.

His documentary features interviews with experts and reveals the immense pain of the people who suffered from the disaster. As the ultimate nuclear power documentary, Nuclear Japan takes the viewer through all the issues of nuclear power in a factual, objective way. Ultimately, it is a journey of hope.

“Nuclear accidents strike at the very foundation of our lives. Economics, culture, art, education, justice…everything is turned on its head.

“Ignorance of nuclear power’s dangers renders every enterprise meaningless, even irresponsible. We have come to realize this. What matters now is what we will do about it.”

– Hiroyuki Kawai, Director, Nuclear Japan

film screening

Nuclear Japan

Has nuclear power brought us happiness?

Lawyer / filmmaker Hiroyuki Kawai states, “To share the idea of nuclear zero nationwide, we need a movie.”

March 9 Dept. of Asian Studies

1871 West Mall, UBC

12-2pm (CK Choi Conference Rm 102) Presentation & Q&A: 1) “Manga as Protest: Fukushima and the Oishinbo Nosebleed Issue.” with Professor Nori Fujimoto 2) “Onagawa Youth Recover Their Local Community.”

4-6pm (Asian Centre): Screening of Nuclear Japan plus Q&A with Professor Nori Fujimoto, Fukushima University and President Fumi Mano, Fukushima C.C.

6-7pm Reception (Asian Centre).

FREE event. RSVP required

To RSVP or host a screening, contact gonbei4512@gmail.com

778 918-5690


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