GMO Bites

Tell Starbucks to support organics and stop fighting GMO labelling

• Starbucks is serving milk to millions of customers every day from factory farms along with baked good products chock full of GMOs. As if that weren’t bad enough, as a dues paying member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), Starbucks has helped lead the charge in fighting against common sense GMO labelling in the US.

In the past two years alone, Starbucks has been a part of a GMA-led coalition that has donated more than $70 million dollars to defeat GMO labelling efforts in California and Washington State. By opposing GMO labelling, Starbucks has willingly climbed in bed with Monsanto and the GMA and is intentionally misleading customers about their commitment to “sustainability” and “ethical sourcing.”

Tell Starbucks to stop fighting against GMO labelling and commit to serving the most sustainable dairy option – organic milk – at all of its locations. Every voice counts. Sign the petition at


Don’t let the USDA destroy organics

One of the biggest assaults on the integrity of organic foods is taking place at the USDA that has ever been conceived. High-level political appointees are working behind the scenes with giant industrial corporations that sell organic product lines to gut 20 years of precedent in the congressionally mandated National Organic Standards Board (NOSB).

USDA representative Miles McEvoy has illegally taken over the meeting by appointing himself as meeting “co-chair” in an effort to erode the authority of and control the decisions made by allegedly independent NOSB members as spelled out in the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) of 1990.

At stake here is the neutering of an independent NOSB decision-making process and the deliberate destruction of organic integrity by allowing synthetic ingredients to be permanently allowed in organic foods due to pressure from giant corporate organic interests. This is an outrageous power grab to destroy organics and it must be stopped. Sign the petition at


Stop Monsanto’s GMOs from contaminating organics

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is working with biotech lobbyists to finalize a plan so Monsanto’s GMO crops can contaminate organic and non-GMO farmers crops at will. The USDA’s new plan could force these farmers to pay for crop “contamination” insurance to protect themselves against unwanted contamination by Monsanto’s patented genetically engineered genes.

When Monsanto says “coexistence,” what they really mean is, “We will contaminate organics.” Despite claims by Monsanto and the USDA, nobody can overrule the laws of biology and dictate how plants reproduce. Patented GMO pollen is spread by wind, insects, birds and animals and no matter how much Monsanto denies it, their GMO crops will contaminate and destroy the integrity of farmers’ organic and non-GMO crops.

If the USDA’s new AC21 guidelines are adopted, organic farmers may lose the right to sue Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and the biotech bullies for economic losses resulting from GMO contamination of their organic crops. Please stand to protect the rights of organic farmers everywhere. Sign the petition at

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