Dump First Past the Post and build a true and fair voting system

by Joseph Roberts

Why are lobbyist’s like Bill Tielman, Susan Anton, Bill Good and others pimping for First Past The Post’s old colonial voting system? Why do they, and billionaires want to kill the far more progressive democratic Proportional Representive Voting System? Could be because they are paid handsomely for assassinating Pro Rep. Maybe they aren’t bothered when 40 percent of the vote gets 100 percent of the power. FPTP makes for a very unlevel, disproportionate playing field for lobbyists.

In the last 17 majority governments in BC only one had over 50 percent of the vote, the other 16 were fake majorities. In our last two BC elections 39 percent of the vote grabbed the majority of seats and the other 60 percent of voters got nothing.

Unfair FPTP showed up recently in Doug Ford’s grabbing all the power in Ontario with only 40 percent of the vote. Trump got less votes than his opponent but still became president. So please do not be swayed to support the colonial FPTP system. Any of the three Proportion Rep choices offered on the up-coming Electoral Reform Referendum mail in ballot is far better than FPTP. And if you can’t decide on the second question, just vote on the first question “Do you want a proportional fair voting system?” And the answer is a resounding yes. Interesting to note in countries that have switched to Proportional Representation voter turnout has soared.

Money laundering & remember BC’s Panda Bonds

You want to kill off The Commons? No problem. Will that be credit card or cash? This brings us to the hugely controversial Panda Bonds floated my Mike De Jong then Finance Minister under Christy Clark’s BC government.

David Eby, then in opposition, exposed the Panda Bond which was the BC government investing our tax money into a newly minted Singapore Bank in order to purchase Chinese Panda Bonds. Eby demanded an explanation which was not forth coming. He eventually got a sneaky answer that they were investing in Panda Bonds to raise interest. Eby astutely demanded to know what the interest rate was. Note: interest at banks offers a lousy investment return. Again, Christy Clark’s government was mute.

So now the tables are turning and the NDP has the power to explain what was going on with the Panda Bonds but not a peep from the NDP either yet. Except John Hogan flew over to China shortly after winning government. Why? We were told to increase Asian investment in BC specifically more money for BC LNG which includes the much hated Woodfibre and Steelhead LNG proposed plants and LNG pipeline to climate hell. So, will someone in government finally tell the voting public what the hell is going on with the Panda Bonds now that they have the levers of BC’s government? We the people put you into office, now work for the people of BC and stop the deception, we had enough of it over the last 16 years.

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