Dispatches from the Vaccine Wars: Fighting for Human Freedom During the Great Reset

Book Review by Amy L. Newhook

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge – even to ourselves—that we’ve been fooled.”     –Carl Sagan

Professor Christopher A. Shaw’s brilliance shines through in this captivating information powerhouse. Dispatches from the Vaccine Wars takes readers on a deep dive into the history of vaccinology, the role of vaccines in human health and sickness, and the suppression of science by regulatory bodies and the pharmaceutical cartel. Providing critical scientific evaluation of hundreds of safety and efficacy studies, Shaw pulls back the curtain on the official narrative, cloaked by mainstream hypnotic messaging: vaccines are safe and effective, trust the science, the science is settled, trust the experts.

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Christopher Shaw is a researcher at University of British Columbia (UBC) and the author of over 150 peer-reviewed research articles, reviews, and books. This volume due out September 2021 follows previous books by this author on Vancouver’s Olympic Games in 2010 (2008) and about neurological diseases (2017).

The bookprovides a comprehensive overview of vaccine history, theory and an overall evaluation of many of the published studies that are used to make the claim that “the science is settled” in relation to central nervous system (CNS) injuries. As Shaw demonstrates, the reality is quite different. Having studied the neurological impacts of aluminum adjuvants contained in vaccines, Shaw further explores in detail the associated peer-reviewed scientific literature about the actions of mercury and aluminum, autoimmunity, and the potential impacts on the central nervous system in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Assumptions about vaccine-induced herd immunity are discussed, the latter often used as an excuse to promote vaccine mandates. While various areas of the book had already been addressed by other authors, Dispatches from the Vaccine Wars may be the first book to provide an inclusive treatment of all of the issues surrounding vaccination, theory and practice.

Other controversial topics range from a reanalysis of Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s widely vilified 1998 article, to the pronouncements of some pro-vaccine “thought” leaders vs. those in the vaccine hesitance camp. Shaw goes on to consider if some branches of medical science act more like a religion than science, particularly vaccinology whose staunchest adherents often exhibit cult-like behaviours. Such behaviours have also spread to much of the mainstream media, influencing as well politicians from various parties who may be easily stampeded into supporting what should correctly be understood as a “pharma” agenda. Shaw delves into a number of examples of fear-based campaigns that have served this agenda, from the draconian Bill 11 proposed by Education Minister Dominic Cardy of New Brunswick, to Order 376 signed by Health Minister Adrian Dix in British Columbia. These are, according to Shaw, perfect examples of rising medical fascism which has dug a deep trench in the vaccine wars . In context to such legislation, Shaw examines the concept of “state of rising medical fascism which has dug a deep trench in the vaccine wars of Canada exception”, a governance paradigm that allows governments of all stripes to use emergencies, real and imagined, to assume greater powers to further curtail civil and basic human rights.

Shaw began Dispatches from the Vaccine Wars before the emergency of Covid-19. However, the resulting pandemic served to highlight the themes that were already emerging. In his analysis, Shaw characterizes a “trifecta of fear” in which the combined weight of mainstream media, the medical establishment and bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have sought to impose their dystopian vision on the world. The parts played by Bill Gates and the WEF’S Klaus Schwab in emerging events are considered in detail.

Dispatches from the Vaccine Wars is a heavily referenced scientific tome which may seem daunting to some readers.  However, Shaw’s ability to deconstruct the safety and efficacy studies for the average reader makes this book a valuable resource. The hype around this book admittedly made me eager to get my hands on it, and after reading it there’s no question that it will remain in my library for years to come.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the wild ride we are currently on and where it may take us all. The final chapter, ‘Future Tense: The Lady or the Tiger?’ details the struggle we face against an attempted global corporate coup that has captured governments around the world. Shaw explores what happens if we resist and fight back versus the inevitable degradation of human freedom if we simply submit. Far too many of our fellow citizens have submitted out of fear or the desire to recapture “normal”, whatever the latter actually was. Others continue to resist.

That there will be a societal reset is certain. But a reset to what?  Shaw’s final statement makes it clear that we still have a choice and that the choice has consequences:

“Resist, fight back, and maybe, just maybe, preserve your world, or even better, make it the world you want it to be. If you choose the latter — accept the challenge of our age — you will act as you always dreamt you would if called forth to fight tyranny. You can become the stuff of legend that your descendants will remember with pride.

In your choice, act as if your very world depends on it. It does. Act as if the lives and futures of your children, grandchildren, and seven future generations beyond you depend on it. They do. Act as if your choice of freedom or submission affects us all. It most certainly does. Choose one path, dear reader. Choose Well.”

It’s time to stand up, and stand free — otherwise the next wave we experience may be one of regret for our lost freedom.

Amy Newhook is a former Microsoft employee with 22 years of experience in corporate software. She is a parent, medical freedom advocate and Victoria chapter leader for Vaccine Choice Canada.

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  1. Thank you Common Ground and Christopher Shaw as the voices of truth in a sea of corruption where science under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry has morphed into $cience and academic institutions have become brothels for Ph.D prostitutes.


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