Catherine and Duane O'Kane

The courage to care

– by Duane and Catherine O’Kane – We aren’t avoiding each other because of the problems. We have problems because we are avoiding each other. … Read more

It's Your funeral

It’s your funeral

Thomas P. J. Crean certainly has an end-of-life story to tell. In November 2019, he published It’s Your Funeral: How Grieving Families Are Being Exploited, … Read more

Connecting through dreams

– by Bei Linda Tang – Dreams offer glimpses into our inner worlds, and reflect our deepest feelings, emotions, and desires. While it’s empowering to … Read more

For Barb

– by John Taylor (her spouse) – Since Barb’s passing in the Hospice up at UBC, of pancreatic cancer, I have received so many cards … Read more

Practical soulfulness

UNIVERSE WITHIN by Gwen Randall-Young It is increasingly common to talk of the soul in relation to personal partnerships: terms like “soul mates” or “soul … Read more


Dragon Jars and Lotus Bowls

– a talk by Jennifer Fahrni – An award-winning artist’s contribution to international culture Jean MacKay Fahrni (1919-2019) I’m normally introducing The Irish Rovers to … Read more