alarm clock sleeping pills

To sleep or not to sleep

Are we a nation of insomniacs? by Janet Currie Had trouble sleeping lately? You aren’t alone. In Canada and other comparable countries, insomnia is described … Read more

burning oil tanks

Is the Kinder Morgan pipeline safe for you and your family?


by Citizens for the Salish Sea

(English version follows)


Read moreIs the Kinder Morgan pipeline safe for you and your family?

Plant protein: getting it right!

NUTRISPEAK by Vesanto Melina with Mio Lainchbury and Arooj Hayat Moving towards a plant-based diet can initially raise questions about whether you’re getting enough protein, … Read more

Cradle-to-grave DNA screening

DRUG BUST by Alan Cassels What are health authorities doing with all that information? “This will only hurt a little,” says the nurse as she … Read more

Shiv Chopra

Tribute to Shiv Chopra

A champion of truth, integrity and food safety (1934 – 2018) by Helke Ferrie Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless … Read more

Level Ground Trading

Calling All Coffee Lovers

“We have one goal: to alleviate poverty through trade.” – Stacey Toews, co-founder of Level Ground Trading It all started in 1997. Four families in … Read more