Are vaccinations causing high excess mortality in British Columbia

-by Alex Posoukh-

Worldwide lockdowns came into effect in March 2020. Immediately, various public health measures triggered substantial collateral effects, which included increasing all-cause mortality. Such phenomena were caused by panic, despair, government driven medical rationing, fear, utilization of improper medications, faulty medical procedures, overuse of DNRs and end-of-life therapies in the long-term care facilities, and hunger in the developing nations.

A rapid vaccination clinic in Prince Rupert associated with a 150% mortality spike was most notable

My analysis of all-cause mortality in British Columbia has concluded that in 2020, lockdowns caused at least 4 times as many deaths as Covid-19. In addition, the recent Statcan report1 covering the period up to May 2021 stated “Based on the provisional data, from the end of March 2020 to the end of April 2021, there were 7,150 more deaths than expected among those aged 0 to 64 years. Over the same period, 1,600 COVID-19 deaths have been attributed to those younger than 65, suggesting that, in addition to COVID-19 excess mortality may be related to the indirect consequences of the pandemic”. This report seems to indicate that just in the first five months of 2021, excess mortality in this age category became even more lopsided in favour of “other than Covid-19” causes as compared the 2020 data2.

After the rollout of the second dose May 2021 the following three months saw record breaking unexplained excess deaths. In July 2021 at least 400 more BC residents died with no explanation provided by the government

This increasing trend has somewhat contradicted the public health restrictions on the ground, which tended to be less severe in 2021 as compared to 2020. Notably, 2021 was the year of the Covid-19 vaccines rollout. The timing of these rollouts coincide with growing excess mortality. The first uptick in mortality was observed in February 2021 as the province of BC rolled out the vaccines in long-term care facilities. Another uptick was registered in March 2021 when the province began vaccinating the general population. A rapid vaccination clinic in the town of Prince Rupert associated with a 150% mortality spike was most notable4. Much of the excess mortality associated with the first dose rollout was explainable by the official Covid-19 statistics. Previously reported susceptibility to Covid-19 following the first injection was predictably missed from the official narrative5.

One month of such elevated mortality is concerning enough, but three months in a row is truly unprecedented. The government has an obligation to disclose causes of such mortality trends as these are closely correlated with the mass vaccination program that has seen more than eight million doses distributed so far. Such disclosure should be classified by vaccination status, date of vaccination, age, cause of death, pre-existing condition and any other pertinent factors. Without such disclosure and relevant analysis, the case for more vaccinations, particularly under the coercive methods as vaccination passports, threatens to become immoral if not outright criminal.

At least, 80% of all BC Covid-19 fatalities have taken place in the long-term care facilities, where average life expectancy of residents is less than two years. Assuming that all Covid-19 deaths contributed to excess deaths is an overestimate. For conservative purposes, this bias has not been removed from the numbers below.

The rollout of the second dose at the end of May 2021 announced a veritable tsunami of excess mortality. The following three months saw record breaking unexplained excess deaths. In the month of July 2021 alone, at least 400 more BC residents died with no explanation provided by the government.

About the Author: Alex Posoukh received MBA Finance from UBC. He has held a CPA designation. His training and career primarily focused on corporate finance management, financial modelling, statistics and regulatory reporting. For any inquiries, please email or call 604-307-3733.







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  1. Polarized views are near impossible to penetrate. Reason does not quite work. Perhaps it could be done with something simple ie without the hypothesis or conclusions. We have nothing to loose.
    Most people I speak to now are so distrustful of anything other than what is put out by the main stream media….that I believe we need to give them just plain facts, so they can, without feeling coerced, come to their own conclusions.
    Do you have accurate stats of people who were buried or cremated in BC and Canada each month over the last 5 years (5 for comparison) ? In Denmark or Norway? No need for causes, just total deaths.
    Thank you. As well I would welcome any feedback.

  2. And herein lies the problem…science controlled by politics and media.
    It is very evident that main stream media is all saying the same thing, and one has to put effort into finding alternate views and research data. I would be sceptical of anything that I hear on every news station over and over. There are many things that don’t sit right with me in regards to the whole Covid issue, and what I am going to challenge you to do is answer a few questions.

    Why is it that after almost 2 years of living with Covid that we Canadians only have ‘ONE weapon’ as you put it, against this killer when many other contries of the word are successfully and proactively treating patients to keep them out of hospital. We are still being told to go home and wait until you can’t breathe, then got to emerg.

    Why can’t we Canadians get proper antibody testing to tell whether we have memory cells that would afford us natural immunity?

    Why is there such a big push to ‘vaccinate’ children who are least at risk of transmission and serious results from Covid but known to have risks from the shots, and why can’t we have them tested properly for antibodies first?

    Why are we creating mandates for vaccines when we already have some of the highest rates in the world?Mandates that are resulting in losing staff in areas where we need them the most.

    Why are we so willing to give up our freedom of choice over our own bodies when the data is so contradictory?

    Why has there been no focus on improving our lifestyles and taking vitamins when we know that having certain co-morbidities increase our risk of bad outcomes in Covid?

    And why does the main stream media not interview the doctors and researchers who have had put their jobs and livelihoods on the line to do what they feel is their duty to treat patients and find alternate solutions to vaccines?

    I have many more questions than answers, but one thing I know for sure, is not to take mainstream media at face value.

  3. The problem with this article is a fundamental twisting of the relevant comparisons. It is meaningless to say that lockdowns killed more people than COVID 19. The relevant comparison would be between how many people would have been killed were it not for lockdowns and other measures. Such a fundamental and intentional. Consider this example: a local watering hole becomes infected with a deadly poison, leading to its being fenced off and made inaccessible; some animals may die of thirst because they do not find alternative water sources in time; but many many more of them would have died if they’d drank the poisoned water.

    • You fail to consider the effect designed into COVID vaccines. It’s lik implying that it was a convince that those shot in the head died.

      • What you have just written (above) doesn’t make any grammatical sense.

        I suggest you turn your energies toward being part of the solution. When the pandemic began, there were doubters (“It’s only a flu”) and Donald Trump led thousands of his devotees down the path of irresponsibility, ignoring medical science that had culminated at this point in time, after THOUSANDS of years of growth in knowledge and technique. Medical science, fortunately, ignored his deadly negligence, and gave us what most of us prayed for: a vaccine to protect us from death or life with debilitating long-term effects from this killer.

        And now you are entertaining yourself by stirring up nonsense that some people are eager to believe. It’s outrageous. Are people’s lives of so little value that you would manipulate their minds in such a way that they will deny themselves of a life-saving vaccine? That’s unconscionable.

        Have you been deaf to hospital doctors and other care-providers there who are overworked, devastated by this pandemic and yet remain devoted to their calling IN SPITE OF THE CRUSH OF UNVACCINATED VICTIMS OF COVID that are admitted to hospital?

        Have you not read their pleas to stop this insanity of misunderstanding? The vaccines are as safe as any vaccines have been. Have you not read their reports of those same dying, unvaccinated victims regretting that they did not become vaccinated?

        It’s the ONE weapon we have against this killer and you would have people turn away from using it.
        Shame on you.

        • WOW!

          This rant is so outrageous, and lengthy I couldn’t read all of it.

          1st, one needs to STOP naming this Covid injection a “vaccine”. It is not. Vaccines prevent infection. Vaccines prevent transmission.

          2nd, Maryann and others; please start reading and/or watching at least one news source that is not mainstream.

        • Please consider other jurisdictions for comptable data. Consider checking out the massive avalanche of vaccine injuries reported in VAERS US. As far solutions go, there is one and it is called Sweden. Sorry for the grammatical mishaps.

    • Thank you for your simple example which is easy to understand. But unfortunately, WILLINGNESS to understand is the problem some people are having. It is far easier for them to stay locked in their suspicions.

  4. Thank you for challenging the dogma we read in main stream media. It is refreshing and speaks loudly to what is gravely wrong with the Canadian politics defining the medical system’s response to covid 19. Why do we accept so readily what we are spoon fed by the news stations? Where is the counter argument? How do we move forward through a pandemic without critical discussion?

    • Spreading the word as much as we can. Hopefully it would reach more people as time passes.

  5. Thank you for challenging the dogma we read in main stream media. It is refreshing and speaks loudly to what is gravely wrong with the Canadian politics defining the medical system’s response to covid 19. Why do we accept so readily what we are spoon fed by the news stations? Where is the counter argument? How do we move forward through a pandemic without critical discussion?

  6. Have you seen the thousands of doctors and medical professionals that are also saying /warning of this? Are all reporters (or anyone with a sound mind for that matter) not capable of seeing what is happening, question it, and able to draw conclusions? You don’t need a medical degree to do that. Do all reporters have medical degrees? No.

    The writer is obviously intelligent and his background focus is on statistics and regulatory reporting, which is completely pertinent.

    Case in point: your own (possibly non-medically-trained) conclusion is that some deaths may be related to the heat wave. I agree. But IMO the stats would appear to add up to more than that. (I do not have a medical degree, nor Alex’s credentials, but I DO have a brain).

    Do you personally know more people that have died or have had severe adverse reactions to the vax than Covid itself? In my own experience, the vax is FAR more dangerous – knowing 3 people that died within days of the 2nd dose – but those outcomes are not being reported on in mainstream news. Why?

    Wake up! It doesn’t take that much brain power to see that something doesn’t add up here. Turn off the news narrative and start thinking, speaking with those around you and researching for yourself.

  7. You seem to be drawing a conclusion that is totally unrelated. There was a heatwave in BC in Aug 20′, Jun 21′, Jul 21′ and Aug 21′ – one of a million reasons why the numbers are different. Saying it’s COVID19 vaccine related is a wild guess – certainly would write about it…unless you are not in the medical field and writing for sensationalism…oh wait…
    Stick to being a CPA dude.

    • The heat wave count, 570 as per the coroner office, has been deducted from the unexplained all cause excess mortality

  8. This has been my thought all along !! How do we really know people die from COVID if gotten the shot? Now all we here on news is people in ICU are unvaccinated!!

    • Also, the CDC counts any covid case within 14 days of the 2nd vaccine as an “unvaccinated case”. Probably doing the same wizardry here too

    • There are a number of methods by which the government skews vaccinated versus unvaccinated data. It is a separate and somewhat lengthy discussion. You can send an email. Hint. Look no further than the UK.

  9. Thank you for writing and publishing this. There are lots of articles in the US stating similar situations, but the main stream media here in Canada avoids anything that questions the situation.


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