GMO Bites

“Adopt-a-Retailer” targets GM apples by Lucy Sharratt   • With our government’s approval of the genetically modified (GM) “non-browning” apple in March, and with no … Read more

GMO Bites: April 2015

GMO Inquiry reveals where GMOs are in Canada In the ground and on our plates by Lucy Sharratt   • “Where in the world are … Read more

GMO Bites: March 2015

In January, groups from around the world joined together to denounce the US government for allowing the first genetically engineered tree, a loblolly pine, to … Read more

GMO Bites: February 2015

GMO Inquiry 2015 • The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) has launched a major public investigation to dig behind 20 years of uncertainty around genetically … Read more

GMO Bites: January 2015

Looking forward, looking back by Lucy Sharratt   • As we look back on last year, we thank everyone for all your action and support. … Read more

GMO Bites: December 2014

Panama fines GM fish company • The Government of Panama has fined the company AquaBounty for breaching numerous national environmental laws during its ongoing research … Read more

GMO Bites

GM sweet corn sneaks into stores and farmers markets Genetically modified – GM, also called genetically engineered – sweet corn is being sold in some … Read more