75th Anniversary of Nuremberg Doctors Trial

Nuremberg Dec event poster latest
Thursday, December 9th

BC Legislature, Victoria

Gather at 2:00 to meet & greet friends

3:00 PM Speakers, candlelight ceremony at sunset

On December 9, 1946 the Nazi doctor’s trial began in Nuremberg, Germany. These doctors were charged for medical crimes, which included experimenting on people without their informed consent.

“Doctors, in short, played a crucial role in the Final Solution. The full significance of medically directed killing for Nazi theory and behaviour cannot be comprehended unless we understand how Nazi doctors destroyed the boundary between healing and killing.”

Robert Jay Lifton, German Doctors and The Final Solution

Sept.21, 1986 The New York Times

December 9, 2021 is the 75th anniversary of the Doctors Trial’s first day. MD’s were convicted and sentenced to death for their atrocities. What began as pretense of medical care became the concentration camps. One of the first groups signing on to support the Nazi’s Final Solution were doctors.

We will remember those doctors’ crimes, and honour the Doctors Trial that birthed the ten medical principles of the Nuremberg Code which became international law.

These hard earned medical ethics and principles are significant during our current covid epoch where civil rights are being eroded by politicians and their unelected bureaucrats.

We must never forget how those medical crimes against humanity crept into a modern culture, and, how corruption of civic values erodes a country where distracted citizens are fed fear by power-hungry leaders.

We, the people of BC, will take our stand in front of the legislature in Victoria on Thursday, December 9 to honour the Nuremberg medical code and to protect our rights guaranteed under the highest laws of Canada, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms enshrined in our Canadian Constitution. This supreme Canadian legal document was created to protect people’s rights from corruption from all quarters, including governments or their agents.

Top politicians in BC used covid to grab dictatorial powers through the BC Emergency Program Act. This emergency act was created for floods and forest fires. A two-week sunset clause was wisely written into the act to stop misuse of assumptive power. That is why politicians, or their front-line actors such as Bonnie Henry, kept renewing it every two weeks. Two weeks ballooned into two months, and is heading toward two years with no end in sight, except for politicians’ shoddy promises. Their charade must end now.

Power has corrupted these few politicians. They have disregarded the The Nuremberg Code: Directives for Human Experimentation established during the Doctors Trial. They mandate measures and push experimental gene therapy injections titled “vaccines” in order to avoid liability. They can call them “vaccines” a million times, but they are still not vaccines. They do not make the recipient immune from the disease they purport to protect people from. The shots are still experimental. The politicians pushing these experimental mRNA injections don’t have a clue about the harm they are causing. How could they know when the long term trials are not completed. Pregnant women are given the jab, but the mRNA injections were never tested on pregnant women. Now they are going after our children! These injections were never tested on children. We say stop! Enough! Justin Trudeau, John Horgan and Adrian Dix, have you no shame!

These eager politicians, bureaucrats and their servants are ignoring the Canadian law.

We, the people, unite in solidarity to honour the marriage between the 10 Nuremberg Medical Principles and our beloved Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These two form a mighty union to protect our democracy, our children, and our grandchildren. Just as our parents and grandparents fought the Nazis in the 1940’s to protect our democratic freedoms, we are fighting these medicalized fascists and their corrupted government actors now.

Mark December 9 on your calendar now. Prepare for your journey to end the anti-democratic lock-down that is decimating small business and destroying culture. We will demand an end to the discriminatory vaccine passport. Un-vaccinated people have the right to work, the right to travel, and the right to fully participate in society without been discriminated against. These right are enshrined in our Canadian Charter of Rights and freedom. (see pages 8 and 9 in this edition of Common Ground)

Politicians have deceived, bluffed and coerced us for far too long. They have divided us: pitting the masked against the unmasked, the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. It ends now. We, the people of BC, demand an end to the charade of pharma-profiteering parading as public health measures.

Covid measures have killed more people, ruined more businesses and people’s lives, than the purported pandemic.

On Thursday, December 9 we will gather respectfully and peacefully in front of our legislature in Victoria, BC to demand this current government obey our Canadian Constitution, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and, to honour the 10 Nuremberg Medical Principles.

The First Nuremberg principle demandsThe voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” … “to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion”. This applies to all covid mandates such as masking, social distancing, denial of assembly or association, and vaccine coercion.

Notes: Bring a tall pole which can stand on the ground to make easier to hold with a sign over head height, clearly naming your union, religion, organization, profession, business, town, tribe or community. Volunteers can contact NT75event@gmail.com Bring lanterns, candles and a lighter. This is a respectful, honouring outdoor event regardless of the weather, so dress warmly. Bring a lantern or device to protect your candles from the wind. Bring a picture of someone who was harmed or died from the vaccine, or spent the last days of their life locked down and not allowed to see their loved ones. These photos will be assembled and left on the BC Legislature steps to bear witness. You are welcome to video or photograph. The day following December 9th fittingly is International Human Right day. We are many, and together we are strong.

47 thoughts on “75th Anniversary of Nuremberg Doctors Trial”

  1. “Doctors, in short, played a crucial role in the Final Solution.
    That isn’t really true. Their crimes were real, but they weren’t the ones who recommended Zyclon B or shooting as methods of execution.

  2. Thank goodness for vaccines which have saved us from the horrors of things like polio and small pox just to name a few. People who are anti-vax are acting like small children having tantrums because they don’t want to have to do something. And then going to the extreme of comparing the whole thing to doctors during the Holocaust. OMG people, you are pathetic.

    • Educate yourself first about the whole history of the whole vaccine scam … what would you say to family members who lost a member due the plandemic vaccination program, or the ones suffering from severe side effects?

  3. One can be Pro-Vax and as an individual decide not take the mRNA gene therapy shot

    20,244 COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths / 29,472 Total Reported Deaths
    106,129 Total COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations/187,552 Total Reported Hospitalizations
    965,841 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports
    Through December 10, 2021

    It used to be that a new treatment (vaccine) was terminated by the FDA if resultant deaths exceeded a few hundred – what happened to the death metric?

    VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System put in place in 1990. It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% (see the Lazarus Report) of vaccine injuries. OpenVAERS (openvaers.com) is built from the HHS data available for download at vaers.hhs.gov.

    The OpenVAERS Project allows browsing and searching of the reports without the need to compose an advanced search (more advanced searches can be done at medalerts.org or vaers.hhs.gov).

    The above information is not discussed in public forums, it is actively suppressed and victims of the vaccine have their stories suppressed. Where transparency and debate are suppressed, one should question the motivation of the oppressors.

    Why does CBC and other media outlets not interview leading scientists with well-founded alternative recommendations to those of the bureaucrats?
    Why is treatment early in the diagnosis almost impossible to obtain (many treatments are effective in preventing hospitalization and death if administered early)?
    When was the last time you knew of a diagnosed illness that was not immediately treated?
    Why are doctors threatened with loss of license if prescribing an off-label Covid treatment?

    According to researchers, following mRNA vaccination, innate immune cells had a reduced response to toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4), TLR7 and TLR8 – all ligands that play an important role in the immune response to viral infection. Could those receiving the mRNA “vaccines” be destroying their innate and adaptive immune systems? What will future research regarding our immune systems show? Where is the discussion and what could we be doing to our children?

    The Omicron variant has been detected in at least 38 countries but no deaths have yet been reported, the World Health Organization has said, amid warnings that it could damage the global economic recovery. Why are the unelected bureaucrats doubling down on fear?

    French Nobel Laureate Luc Montaigner, a virus expert, has stated one should never vaccinate in the middle of a pandemic and further stated vaccinations were an “enormous mistake” as they were creating “the variants”. He has also stated he would never take the corona virus experimental gene therapy shot. Was his advice discussed?
    Are the unelected bureaucrats put in charge of policy by politicians responsible for more deaths (suicide, vaccine deaths, drug overdoses), and costly repercussions (economy, education, societal and family disruption) than the virus.

    Why, if the “vaccines” are safe are the pharma companies still operating in the US under emergency authorization and still being granted immunity?

  4. If these Anti Vaxxers were to be diagnosed with some form of Cancer where the treatment required Chemotherapy would they be so adamant in rejecting the injection of those drugs?
    Some of the chemicals used to treat Cancer are far worse on your system than any Covid Vaccine! I know, I’m on one!

    • inform yourself about alternative cancer treatments which work well. (Vitamins, nutrition are the softest approach, but you need to do your own research on this … https://andreaskalcker.com/en/) I’ve seen to many friends suffering and finally dying on cancer refusing to educate themselves. Many of them got the most advanced treatment and they had access to the best doctors in this field. The ones surviving traditional cancer treatment longer than five years, were the ones with diagnosed breast cancer … but there’s always a hidden fear before the next check-up.

  5. After reviewing the article line by line we cannot see a single line of text that is anti-Semitic. Would those who so viscously condemn the article please be specific and let us know which sentence in the article they find untrue and offensive? Then we could have a civil discussion on the topic.
    The Nuremberg Doctors Trial 75th anniversary event December 9th in Victoria was a well attended gracious event where we honoured the Nuremberg Code by reading the first medical principle in the four official languages of the trial: English, French, German and Russian.
    We then lit candles to honour our rights enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and to respect the Nuremberg Code’s, medical principles.
    The Nuremberg Code was developed in order to protect humanity.
    As a reminder, here is the first Nuremberg Principal:
    1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent;
    should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved
    as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected;
    and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.
    The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

    The full Nuremberg Code can be read on page 4 of the November/December 2021 edition of Common Ground. As well, the complete Charter of Rights and Freedoms is in the same edition on page 8 and 9.

    • Oh please. The implication in this article is clear to everyone – doctors providing life-saving vaccines are being equated to doctors accused of taking part in the extermination of Jews. That is a horrific analogy and absolutely antisemitic because it trivializes the plight of those killed in the Holocaust. No one in Canada is being dragged off to concentration camps to be killed. To make such an analogy is insensitive and demonstrates a serious lack of perspective.

  6. What kind of a warped mind would compare the inhumane Nazi efforts to eliminate a whole people with the sincere, justified and correct efforts of dedicated researchers and health service providers to prolong and extend life? Have you ever had diptheria or polio? No? It’s because of early immunization. Please think and try to understand the value of having vaccinations available. And think before planning and participating in highly disrespectful programmes which do not educate, but that rather increase disharmony in our society.

  7. It appears that many of the above commentators are still stuck in the paradigm of modern medical science being entirely a good thing, and that it would never be used to harm the population, despite the ever-growing evidence now to the contrary.

    The Nazi doctors actions created the need for the Nuremberg Code, and we have doctors now violating the same code. This is not an anti-Semitic issue. The ‘final solution’ included the elimination of many ethnic and societal groups and the populations of whole countries too, if the Nazis prevailed.

  8. Unbelievable…

    Shame of those linking the atrocities of the Nazi doctors with the life-saving work of those promoting vaccinations.
    Shame on those promoting an event that links Nazi murders of Jews, of Roma, of those with disabilities, with the efforts of our government officials trying to reduce the loss of life caused by the COVID pandemic.
    I’m glad I checked the website to learn more about an event I was going to be glad to attend.

  9. Wow, Common Ground, my respect for you has gone up immeasurably. Your willingness to take a stand in these treacherous times is impressive. Hold the line and ignore the trolls. At some point they may realize it’s not like the Holocaust YET or they may be ‘good Germans’ to the bitter end.
    We’ll be there tomorrow. Thank you!

  10. I’ll be there too. To those still unashamed of being coerced to take three (soon four…) shots for no immunity–alluding as reference to the last time in recent history that widespread authoritatively enforced injections and quarantines and mandates (papers) spread over territory that left minority populations fleeing–hard to believe, isn’t it?

  11. Baseless comparisons between pandemic public policy and the systematic identification, humiliation, persecution, imprisonment, deportation, and murder of Jews are absurd, dangerous, and disrespectful. Such a comparison trivializes the Holocaust and all genocide.

    The horrors of the Holocaust are in no way comparable to a vaccine passport policy. The former was the systematic murder of six million Jews and millions of countless others. The latter is a policy to protect people.

    To compare the Holocaust and the vaccine passport policies is beyond lazy, attention-seeking behaviour. It is dangerous. The comparison whitewashes historic, pure evil. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vaccine-passports-holocaust-opinion

    • Speaking of “pure evil”, sounds like your a big fan of Dr. Klau$ “You’ll own nothing…and you’ll be happy” $chwab, Dr. George $oro$ and Dr. Bill Gate$. And $ini$ter Crime Mini$ter Turdeau too?

      The comparisons are totally appropriate, It has nothing whatsoever to do with “trivializing”/”whitewashing” the Holocaust/history…it’s about NOT forgetting the Nazi “Doctors” tried at Nuremberg, which you are either very conveniently forgetting or trivializing.

      I notice you chose your words very carefully. I don’t see the word “mandate” anywhere in your post…”policy/policies” (4 times) sounds so much more palatable…much like Bull$hit Bonnie’$ “Be kind, be calm and be safe. Oh, and that ‘herd immunity’ stuff we used to talk about? Forget it! If only 80% of the population is quackcinated, our good friends at Big Pharma only make 80% of the ab$olutely ob$cene profit$ they’d otherwise make, so everybody needs to get quackcinated now! Come on, roll up your sleeves!”

      By describing what’s going on right now as merely “public policy” trivializes quackcine MANDATES…AND FORCED QUACKCINATION! What part of “FORCED” do you not understand?

      • Your reply exemplifies exactly what is Holocaust denial, distortion and minimization and good old-fashioned Jew hatred. Sadly, and in a twist of irony, You have underlined my points.

        Joseph Roberts: Take Note:

        These are the type of people who are attracted to your mission.

        • Check the 1700 percent pilots dead during the last year because they were mandated to take the gene therapy injection.
          Tell me there is no experiment going on?

          • I know thousands of Covid vaccinated people. Not one has had a reaction to any of the varieties of vaccines currently being use. I know a some, but not many deniers who refuse the shot, most of whom have been sick, seriously sick, or died. Did ALL of you fail grade 8 math?????

    • Germany did not start off at a run throwing people into ovens. My family fled the Nazis and the Russians as they had their lively hood and lives ruined by the wars and Nazis. I was told by them what to look for. I remember my grandmother sharing her wisdom, she would school you on your stupidity and fear. Don’t worry it will get much worse and like in Germany it will be too late. Then you will cry “how could we have known? ” You represent the weak masses fearful and greedy. Its too late for you so I suggest you go back to being a doormat pissing away our constitution and our children’s rights.

  12. This article is a disgusting, antisemitic pile of garbage. To equate anything with the Shoah is deplorable, but to organize a protest against public health measures that you equate with the most evil event in human history is a whole new level. Perhaps it would do you some good to get off your bigoted asses and go and speak with people who survived the camps before drawing comparisons you have no business making.

  13. Using the holocaust in this way discredits you all. Unless, of course, you’re a bunch of neo-nazis cynically using anti-vax misinformation to recruit new members. In which case it’s just about par for the course.

  14. A disgusting example of false equivalence on so many levels. The writer should be seriously ashamed of their ignorance.

  15. This is astoundingly stupid and a denigration of the victims of Nazi crimes. You should be ashamed of yourselves for peddling such dangerous nonsense.

  16. This is anti vaxxing silliness taken to both hysterical and tragic levels.
    The Holocaust comparison is misplaced and highly offensive too.

    • This is what cognitive dissonance and denial looks like! Do you realize the jabbed can get Covid, can be as infectious, or worse than unjabbed, and yes, you can still die of Covid?
      Not a joke, the CDC and that harridan Bonnie admitted as much.
      WAKE UP!

      • Yes, we do understand that vaccinated people can still become infected. Likewise, people with driver’s licenses can still have automobile accidents and kill people too. It’s about mitigation. – I know, four syllables. Pretty big for you people. Any more silly antivax nonsense you’d like to post?

  17. Dear members of Common Ground Community and those who choose to not get vaccinated against Covid-19,

    You know, deep in your souls, that to compare the Nazi Germany perpetrators and their methodical murdering of 6 million plus Jews and 6 million of those they deemed dispensable is disingenuous and cruel.

    Kindly cease and desist your path of comparison. It diminishes the total evil that was so easily agreed to by the majority of the German population and others outside of Germany (the pathetic capitulators).
    Yes, there were doctors who assisted with and agreed to following the murderous Nazi machine but they did this out of hatred, discrimination mostly towards Jews and through the disgusting and unscientific practice of Eugenics.

    If you truly understand the science (or have even bothered to read it rather than follow conspiracy theories) regarding the mRNA, you might change your thought processes.
    Tens of thousands of children lose their lives to illnesses that can be prevented by vaccines because of lack of access or parental decisions each year, and in this country of plenty (I am an immigrant so I know of what I write) I value our Governments’ (both Federal and Provincial) ability to care for its citizens.
    Parents who withhold vaccinations from their children because of “hearsay” and not because of scientific evidence, are potentially culpable.
    We should do the best with can to keep each other safe and to keep ourselves and our families safe from disease and accidents, based on the best scientific information there is.
    Get your heads out of the sand and into the scientific documents, stand up and become caring citizens and get yourselves vaccinated or bear the consequences that might become an imposition.
    And for heaven’s sake, stop comparing our governments, both Federal and Provincial to Nazi’s.
    You have no idea what you are talking about! I know, personally, who the Nazis were and the legacy they have left.

  18. As a decades long supporter of Common Ground and as an acquaintance of the publisher for just as long, I find associating Anti Vaxxing with the Nuremberg Trials is deeply disrespectful to the memory of the Six Million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. It also suggests that they do not really believe in their Anti Vaxxing arguments by using such an outrageous and disgusting connection. It also is indirectly questioning the honesty and integrity of the thousands of doctors World Wide who are putting themselves in jeopardy as they fight this virus. I would ask the promoters of this rally in Victoria to cancel it ASAP.

  19. Disrespecting the memory of victims of the Holocaust is reprehensible. It’s the very definition of antisemitism.

  20. How disgusting, comparing people who conducted experiments on human beings that involved torture and death, like how they long they could survive in a tank of freezing water, to life-saving vaccines that protect society. You disgrace the names of all the victims of the Nazis.

  21. These comparisons of nurses and doctors to Nazis is the most disturbing and bigoted garbage I have ever seen coming from this publication, or anywhere in a long time, frankly. Regardless of your opinion about vaccines or public health, there is nothing similar about these situations.
    This kind of Holocaust denial that belittles and co-opts the horrific history of fascism and anti-Semitism for political purposes deeply harms our society and I assure you it deeply offends Jews. Please reconsider your twisted revisionist history and apologize.

  22. Comparing the Doctors of the Holocaust that were taking part in evil experiments on Jews to the Doctors of today that are saving people’s lives with vaccines is awful. Think about how a Jewish Dr. would feel about this. It’s anti-semitic and racist. Make a different comparison. This is not the right one.

  23. At least get your legislation correct. Bonnie Henry’s authority on masks, vaccines, occupancy and mandates comes from the Public Health Act. The Emergency Program Act covered suspension of limitations period, remote witnessing requirements, and travel restrictions.

  24. I will be there.

    Last week I was working at Hecklers, the comedy show. One comedian whipped up the audience and had them cheering the vaccine and the vaccine passport. He then told ‘anti-vaxxer’ jokes and play acted stepping over our dead bodies when we died of covid. He called us ‘ignorant red necks’ and mocked us. He said he was sure he spoke for everyone – and the audience cheered – when he said he wouldn’t mind if we died. It would just mean one less anti-vaxxer on this earth.

    I was stunned. If sexist or racist or any other ‘ist’ jokes like that were told, they would immediately be censored and labelled hate crimes. Yet the government encourages this division. I am very sad to say I am ashamed now to be Canadian. I pray we can restore the patient, kind, tolerant nature of our nationality. Thank you.

    • I agree with everything you said, Julie. I am a good person, believe in having my rights & freedom to choose. I am feeling isolated in society the way it is now. It’s all too sad.

      • Susan, I’m sorry you’re feeling isolated. That’s very hard. What’s not OK, though, is comparing vaccine mandates to Nazism. If all the Nazis had done was to restrict access to restaurants and airplanes, some of us would have a lot more relatives.

    • Funny, last time I checked, you didn’t decide which sex or raee you were born with. Any more silly antivax comments you’d like to make?


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