5 Biggest Stressors – and Solutions

by Drs. Eldred and Ava Bell Taylor


Emotion: The stressful thoughts that swirl around our heads all day.

Environment: Could be the city you’re in, extreme heat, a stressful office.

Dietary: Not just eating the wrong foods, but worrying about your diet.

Health: Chronic illness, chronic pain, chronic inflammation.

Lack of Sleep: Causes weight gain, irritability, job issues, health issues.

The solutions:

Emotion: You can always change how you respond to a stressor. You can change the way you respond to a spouse or a boss. It is the one thing you can absolutely change.

Environment: Take control of your environment. Intentionally find places that relax you. Spend time in your backyard, put an air purifier in your home or office and stay well hydrated; it helps with the heat stress.

Dietary: Get in control of your emotions. Eat things that are real food. Eat it before man messes it up. Don’t be a slave to any one food.

Heath: Chronic problems? There are solutions. It could be fish oils (anti-inflammatory). You must be diligent in staying on the cause and not the symptom.

Lack of sleep: Many times people can’t sleep because they’re stressed. Their daily sleep rate cycles are disrupted. Melatonin and other “adaptogens” will help to reset the sleep cycle.

Dr. Eldred Taylor and Ava Bell Taylor co-authored The Stress Connection and Are Your Hormones Making You Sick? A Woman’s Guide to Better Health Through Hormonal Balance.

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