29th Annual Organic Conference

Agriculture’s brightest minds share best farming practices to protect the environment

We all have a shared goal of protecting the common environment. This includes the biodiversity of landscapes, climate, habitats, air and water. To this goal, in late January, hundreds of eco-minded individuals will flock to Guelph to tap the knowledge of agriculture’s best minds.

The 29th Annual Guelph Organic Conference has lined up dozens of speakers over four consecutive days. Topics of discussion

29th Annual Guelph Organic Conference, Expo & Tasting Fair

From its humble beginnings with a handful of attendees as an afternoon seminar in 1982, the most recent 2009 event attracted an estimated 1750+ farmers, distributors, retailers, advocates and students.

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cross the spectrum of our food system – farming as a career, the new Canadian Organic Standards, urban agriculture, genetic engineering and food policy. Introductory and advanced levels of eco-agriculture – soils, crops, weed and insect control, livestock management and direct marketing round out the programming.

Anne Freeman, Manager of the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market and representative for the Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network, will facilitate “The Farmers’ Market Forum: Challenges, Opportunities & Connections For Producers & Communities.”

When asked why she believes this to be a timely and important offering at the 2010 conference, Freeman replied, “Farmers’ markets play a key role in connecting urban and rural communities and contributing momentum to support sustainable food choices. Through the forum, we aim to discuss key features needed to make the markets engage a broader public and really work for producers.”

The speakers include successful farmers and educators on the cutting edge of progress in harmony with nature. Together, they represent hundreds of years of experiencing the very challenges you might be facing. Whether you farm 80 acres or grow a small garden in your backyard, you’ll find the Organic Conference to be a great value for your money and well worth your time.

With 30+ informative introductory and advanced workshops, 150+ trade show exhibitors and tasting fair on Saturday & Sunday, locally-sourced organic food, an inspirational keynote speaker and an interactive public forum, the GOC is considered one of the foremost educational and networking events in the organic community.

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