About Bloody Time book cover

About bloody time

– by Karen Pickering and Jane Bennett – We are going to tell you the story of menstruation and menopause from the perspective of thousands … Read more

wake up

Build your resilience!

We need to prepare for ecological collapse – by Fred Bass – Ecological collapse is both threatening and overwhelming. Massive species loss, overuse of natural … Read more

F-35 fighter

For what purpose?

Canada’s weapons spending flies under the election radar – by William S. Geimer – As governments of every stripe come and go, the quaintly named … Read more

Redefining protein quality

NUTRISPEAK by Vesanto Melina A new paper published by the American Society for Nutrition makes the case for modernizing the definition of protein quality. This … Read more

StawWise – September 2019

STARWISE by Mac McLaughlin Bidding you adieu British Astrologer Alan Leo (1860 – 1917) was considered the father of modern Astrology. He published a septenary … Read more