Caring for your kidneys

Three perspectives Foreword to Nutrition for Your Kidneys by Jennifer Papaconstantinou Keeping our kidneys healthy and functioning optimally is imperative for optimum health. What many … Read more

Druker’s Challenge to Monsanto on GMO Food

Steven Druker has hurled a bold challenge at Monsanto, demanding it try to find any inaccurate statements of fact in the new book he has written – Altered Genes, Twisted Truth – exposing the substantial risks of genetically engineered foods (GE foods, GM foods, GMOs) and the multiple misrepresentations that have enabled them to permeate world markets. He asserts that if the company cannot prove his book is essentially erroneous, it will entail that these controversial products are unacceptably risky and should be promptly banned.

Is your sunscreen healthy?

A whopping 80% of sun protection products analyzed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) contain harmful ingredients or offer inadequate protection against dangerous ultraviolet radiation … Read more