Claire Martin up close and off-air

Burrard Inlet. Like everyone else, she’s hoping not to see bunker oil floating on the surface. Hoping, but knowing full well that some of the dirty diesel fuel has mixed with seawater and sunk to the floor. Out of sight, swept under the carpet in the man-made silent collapse of the world’s oceans. Then a quick glance to the mountains in our view – in the North Vancouver riding where Claire Martin is a candidate in the upcoming federal election – highly visible and part of the picture.

Instruments Beyond Borders

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Optimizing fertility

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Inflammation and serrapeptase

Conventional doctors have always treated inflammation with drugs and surgery. In some cases, interventions such as surgery for an inflamed appendix are life saving. So are short-term antibiotics for some infections such as pneumonitis (pneumonia). Modern medicine is wonderful in treating acute illnesses but fails miserably when it comes to chronic disease or prevention. In the majority of cases of chronic illness or inflammation, current medical treatments only serve to suppress symptoms without making any dent in the disease process itself.

Alleviating pain with reflexology

Pain is the most common reason for physician consultation in North America and a major symptom in many medical conditions. As uncomfortable and inconvenient as pain is, it does serve as the body’s warning that something is wrong. No doubt, you have experienced how natural it is to protect the part of your body that is experiencing pain.

Neoconning the public

The Munk School’s role in promoting the hawkish policies of the Harper Government towards Iran

Several weeks before joining Barrick’s well-rewarded international advisory panel, Foreign Affairs Minister Baird conducted a press conference in Toronto along with Professor Janice Stein, then Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs. The Munk School originated in its present form in 2011. It began with a large donation to the University of Toronto from Peter Munk.

Munk became the most public face of Barrick Gold Corporation after Adnan Khashoggi was exposed in the Iran-Contra scandal in the late 1980s. Khashoggi and some of his fellow Saudi investors in Barrick businesses were exposed as key operatives in a complex web of illegal financial transactions on behalf of the National Security apparatus of the Reagan-Bush White House.

Safe food advocates organize

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Beyond hope

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Remembering Mike Carr (1942-2015)

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