Joan Baez

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The $1,000-pill heist

You’ve got hepatitis C, now you’re my hostage DRUG BUST by Alan Cassels • The people’s briefing note on prescription drugs A friend of mine … Read more

Eco friendly homes

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The off-key song of creation

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Ben West

Every Time the Wind Blows… READ IT by Bruce Mason   • “Now what?” That’s the question people have been asking since the Harper government’s … Read more

Pipeline approval defies democracy

SCIENCE MATTERS by David Suzuki • There was little doubt the federal government would approve the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project, regardless of public opposition … Read more

Rites of passage

FILMS WORTH WATCHING by Robert Alstead • Last month, Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave his approval for Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline. After years of government hard-sell … Read more

After infidelity

UNIVERSE WITHIN by Gwen Randall-Young • Only those who trust can find love and happiness.  And only those who love, can be betrayed. – Unknown … Read more