Wild Salmon Warrior News

Farmed salmon toxins proven unsafe, an industry on the ropes by Adam S. Sealey • I do not recommend pregnant women, children or young people … Read more

Just label it

Young activist Rachel Parent speaks out against GMOs • Rachel Parent is the founder of Kids Right to Know – Just Label It! campaign. (www.gmo-news.com). … Read more

GMO Bites

From Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) GM alfalfa registered: stop it now before it contaminates our food Our government is siding with multinational companies against … Read more

Buycott app


a buyer’s boycott app • What is a buycott? A buycott is a consumer tool that helps you organize your spending to support causes you … Read more

Diabetes mongering

a dangerous deception DRUG BUST by Alan Cassels • The people’s briefing note on prescription drugs Have you been told you have diabetes? Has someone … Read more

Free Assage

Why WikiLeaks was created

• This article has been adapted from a conversation that took place during a secret five-hour meeting between WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, under house arrest … Read more


Transformative festivals

Prayerformances and sharemonies MUSIC RISING by Bruce Mason • “You are Home,” say the Bundschuh family and they mean it. They host Shambhala – Canada’s … Read more

Campy comedy flies high

FILMS WORTH WATCHING by Robert Alstead • With his high-flying comedy, I’m So Excited (5th), Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar is back in the campy, over-the-top … Read more