Take action

Tell your MP to protect our Natural Health Products Health Canada ignored Parliamentary Committee recommendations In 2004, Health Canada ignored Parliament’s multi-year process that taxpayers … Read more

Fire Earth

The slow burn

fire as fable and fortune by Geoff Olson • Fire has a way of getting people’s attention. Some years back, during a period of change … Read more

Evidence vs. Eminence

DRUG BUST by Alan Cassels • The people’s briefing note on prescription drugs What is “Eminence-based Medicine”? It means relying on the opinion of a … Read more


Practical Utopia

Positive solutions in community and spirit by Chris Philpott • For most of the world’s great spiritual traditions and the majority of their contemporary interpreters, … Read more

Natural Beauty

Face beauty naturally

by Helen E. Day At about this same time, I also decided to specialize my physiotherapy practice to focus on persistent or chronic pain. Most … Read more

Ken Capon

A tribute to Ken Capon

by Alastair Gregor Photo by Bill Pope • Ken Capon, humanitarian, musician, captain and friend to all, passed away Sunday, October 14th, 2012 at the … Read more