Take it up for Earth Day

Earth Day Canada (www.earthday.ca) is issuing action-based challenges urging all Canadians –kids, classrooms, groups, businesses, individuals and families – to make positive changes to their … Read more

A syringe draws fluid from a strawberry

What’s in our food?

It's our right to know by Joseph Roberts   • There are two historical initiatives going on right now in America. In California, a campaign … Read more

Seva eye screening clinic at a school in the Gulmi District of Nepal.

Seva Canada turns 30

Seva® Canada, an international eye care charity based in Vancouver, turns 30 this month. Since 1982, Seva Canada has restored sight and prevented blindness in … Read more

Focus research on safety

DRUG BUST by Alan Cassels The people’s briefing note on prescription drugs • Why is more money going towards drug discovery research than drug safety … Read more

An image of the white-bearded guru holding a cutaway guitar, laughing

Mantra music

by Alan di Perna   When yoga arrived in the West, it brought its own jubilant soundtrack along for the ride. The practice of chanting … Read more