Lost opportunity for openness

INDEPENDENT MEDIA by Steve Anderson Last month, the government had a perfect opportunity to address Canada’s deficit in Internet openness or “Net Neutrality.” In both … Read more

Self-seeding veggies

ON THE GARDEN PATH by Carolyn Herriot Imagine harvesting bunches of nutritious greens you didn’t even plant. You can do this simply by growing kales, … Read more

Relationship sabotage

UNIVERSE WITHIN by Gwen Randall-Young If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue.  – Deepak Chopra … Read more

Earth Day Vancouver 2020

EARTHFUTURE by Guy Dauncey Michelle woke her children early and got them dressed for Earth Day, the Fête de la Terre that would be held that day … Read more

Brain over brawn

SCIENCE MATTERS by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola Many people say George Wald was the greatest lecturer in Harvard’s history. He was certainly the best … Read more

The next 500 years

by Leon Secatero, Navajo The journey we are beginning now is for the next 500 years. What will be the sacred path that people will … Read more

The brain under siege

by Lee Gerdes Young people everywhere are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. In the United States, eight percent of children ages four through 17 … Read more


Numerous environmental organizations in BC and throughout Canada are working to preserve the planet’s ecology. In this supplement, we highlight some of their ongoing efforts. … Read more