Part 3: The mystery of consciousness tackled in Tucson by Geoff Olson • It’s an April afternoon in Tucson, Arizona, and the city streets are desert-gulch hot. The air conditioning in the Marriott Hotel is going full blast, along with the sound system. Australian philosopher David Chalmers bounds up the stage accompanied by the pounding … Read more

Ed Asner

Ed Asner

I’m already against the next war an interview by Joseph Roberts • Born in Kansas City, Missouri, on November 15, 1929, Ed Asner became hugely successful as an actor playing lead roles in the immensely popular series The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lou Grant. He won Emmy Awards for both shows. In the later … Read more

A shot of Tao

Something Nothing

The unheralded virtues of absence by Geoff Olson • It was a warm summer night on Salt Spring Island. The wine flowed freely as wasps flew reconnaissance missions over dessert dishes. Our host held up her glass and offered us a shot of Tao – a concept, not a drink. “The hollowness of the vessel … Read more

Alister Hardy

Sir Alister Hardy

Sir Alister Hardy was an unusual combination of nature mystic and rigorous scientist. Biologist of the soul Article and photo illustation by Geoff Olson • A 33 year-old woman is in pain, struggling to give birth. The hospital staff hands her a mirror to watch the child’s emergence. “She looked so small, this perfectly formed … Read more