Election fever

SCIENCE MATTERS by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola With all the elections coming this fall and winter, global warming is bound to spike up with the increased hot air! South of the border, they’re electing a president; here in Canada, we’re heading into a federal election and in Vancouver where I live, we’ll vote for … Read more

True north strong and free

SCIENCE MATTERS by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola Are Canadian politicians finally paying serious attention to the environment? Recent events give us reason for optimism. On August 1, we wrote about the federal Sustainable Development Act and how all the political parties put aside their differences to support this important, new law. We’ve also seen … Read more

World Water Day

Think global, drink local on March 22 You can make a difference   • To mark World Water Day, the Council of Canadians is encouraging everyone to take action for water in their community. There are few things more important than clean, safe water, but the lack of federal government legislation, damaging and polluting industries … Read more

NEWSBYTES – consumers paying more for food

Consumers are paying more for food at the grocery store with a sizeable percentage going to processors, marketers and other middlemen. That’s the finding of a study commissioned by three Prairie farm organizations: Keystone Agricultural Producers of Manitoba, Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan and Wild Rose Agricultural Producers of Alberta. This is the third year … Read more