No to GMO

GMOs offer no benefits

UPDATES by Bruce Mason • “There is no scientific consensus on the safety of genetically modified foods and crops,” the European Network of Scientists for … Read more

Alice Munro

“Our Alice”

the Nobel, explosion and aftermath by Bruce Mason • Despite all you have heard and read, Alice Munro didn’t actually win the 2013 Nobel Prize … Read more

Jake’s Gift

The new ‘urgency’ of Remembrance by Bruce Mason • Hopefully, as you read this, you will pause at some point to remember those who helped … Read more

Updates, outcomes & developments

by Bruce Mason • Common Ground will have a presence at the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Conference at Toronto’s Convention Centre, October 3-6. “This … Read more

child reading a book

Open a book

Welcome to a new section in Common Ground by Bruce Mason • You’re in good company. What you are doing right now – reading – … Read more

Updates, outcomes & developments

by Bruce Mason • One of the most common criticisms of corporate mainstream media is that “journalists” focus on and obsess about sensational stories, then … Read more