Mike Stevens – A Walk in My Dream

kids with harmonicas

Life was inextricably transformed for Stevens and his unlikely audience, touching off a 13-year mission packed with lessons, insights and hope. by Bruce Mason • Nothing could have prepared Mike Stevens – or almost anyone else – for Sheshatshiu (pop. 1,500), the largest Innu community in Labrador. Innu means “human being,” although they have been … Read more

Transformative festivals


Prayerformances and sharemonies MUSIC RISING by Bruce Mason • “You are Home,” say the Bundschuh family and they mean it. They host Shambhala – Canada’s premiere Electronic Music Festival – at their pristine 500-acre Salmo River Ranch, inviting “Farmily” to “join the self-expression, play and dance!,” adding they “can’t wait to see all our Shambhalovlies … Read more

Victor Wooten


spiritual growth through music by Bruce Mason   • I had myriad opportunities to chat with legendary music icon and spiritual teacher Victor Wooten during his three successive annual pilgrimages to the Haven on Gabriola Island. During breaks in the intense daylong workshops, before and after sound checks and performances and over breakfast and late-night … Read more

TEDx Stanley Park

Ideas to Action by Roger Killen • TEDx conferences audiences laugh, learn and walk away with actionable wisdom. Live speakers share innovative optimistic solutions to humanity’s tough challenges and give clear actionable answers to make a difference in our lives. These ideas build aw areness, power attitude shifts, change policies and launch movements that inspire … Read more