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New for Your HealthPurica Menopause Relief

Reishi MushroomReishi for health

A powerful new line of Dual Extracted Mushroom powders are now available from the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. Extracted in both alcohol and hot water, they are then evaporated down and re-powdered, making them extremely potent and instantly absorbable in water, tea, smoothies, food and much more. This new line includes, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga and Lion’s Mane. For more info, please check us out at www.harmonicarts.ca or call 250-400-4044.



E3 Live

E3 Live – Nature’s complete nutrition

E3 Live is an all-organic, plant-based superfood. It is 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). Our mission is to bring you mother nature’s most life-giving, nutrient-dense aqua-botanical E3 Live, the world’s first fresh-frozen liquid algae. AFA is an organic blue-green algae wild-harvested from Klamath Lake in Oregon. This nutrient-dense superfood contains over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids, making it nature’s most perfect food. Non-GMO and a rich source of chlorophyll. www.e3livecanada.ca



Reverse aging

The new science of reversing aging

TA-65, a rare extract of astragalus, is proven to rejuvenate aging cells. Based on a 1984 discovery that won the 2009 Nobel prize for Biology, TA-65 offers hope for reversing aging. Double-blind studies show that TA-65 lengthens telomeres in the DNA, resulting in a stronger immune system, increased energy and improved eyesight. Users worldwide also report increased bone density, muscle mass, weight stabilization, smoother skin, less wrinkles, longer sleeping hours and enhanced mood. Find TA-65 at www.corenatural.ca under “Where to Buy” or call 289-217-3004.