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New for Your Health


yoga instructor in a pose

Healing Yoga TV series offers real relief for real people

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do you seek relief from symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, insomnia or osteoporosis? If your answer is “Yes,” the new TV series Healing Yoga is for you. In each episode, certified yoga instructor Deborah Devine leads an easy-to-follow, gentle yoga class designed to give real people, with real conditions, real relief. Daily on “The Brand New ONE” at 3:30AM & 5AM PT and 3PM & 4:30PM PT. Optik 349 Shaw 575 Bell 606. More at onetv.ca

vitality bottle

Herbal relief for anxiety and insomnia

Vitality Relax+ blends gentle, traditional herbs to help relieve anxiety, calm muscles and support a restful sleep. All levels of health – mental, emotional, physical – are influenced by the condition of the nervous system. Vitality Relax+ provides fast support to the body and helps ease anxiety and supports sleep at night. Relax+ combines valerian, passionflower and cramp bark to support your body naturally. Non-habit forming; non-GMO; made in BC. 888-855-7776, www.vitality.ca

mushroom product

Reishi for health

A powerful new line of Dual Extracted Mushroom powders are now available from the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. Extracted in both alcohol and hot water, they are then evaporated down and re-powdered, making them extremely potent and instantly absorbable in water, tea, smoothies, food and much more. This new line includes, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga and Lion’s Mane. For more info, please check us out at www.harmonicarts.ca or call 250-400-4044.

box of biscotti

All-natural Italian Biscotti

DiBella Baking Company produces an authentic line of DiBella® brand Italian biscotti cookies that are an indulgent healthy treat at an affordable price. Each cookie is made with best kosher, all-natural ingredients. NO GMOs. Quality ingredients and unique flavours have proven to be an irresistible combination. Indulge yourself with a DiBella® Italian biscotti and discover the passion their family has been known for since the late 1800s. www.dibellafamiglia.com