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Super Oregano

Super Oregano Oral Spray tastes great

Winnipeg-based Innotech Nutrition has come out with a super oregano oral spray that makes this immune boosting oil both convenient and pleasant tasting. Colflex is free of artificial preservatives, gluten, sugar, artificial flavours/colours and sweeteners. These broad-spectrum oregano sprays are available in cinnamon-lemon and Arctic mint flavours. The benefits of oil of oregano include relief from cough and sore throat also has anti-fungal or antiviral properties. Thyme and cinnamon oil have antiseptic and immune boosting properties, making Colflex sprays the most convenient broad-spectrum oregano sprays on the market. www.innotechnutrition.com



Chaga tea

Instant Chaga beverage full of antioxidants

Four Sigma Foods is a health food company founded by a group of Finns. Their vision is to bring medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs to everyday modern life. FSF Instants are easy-to-use, effective mushroom beverages that can be consumed as a coffee-like hot drink. One of their top-selling mushrooms is a dual extracted, wild Chaga. Chaga use fights against unwanted bacteria, viruses and inflammation. All Instants are vegan and free of additives, gluten, lactose, sugar or soy. www.foursigmafoods.com




Mycelium Magik – raw, vegan, organic and wild

Wise One Superfood’s Mycelium Magik chocolate bar provides a blend of the world’s top three medicinal mushrooms: reishi, chaga and Cordyceps. These medicinal fungi offer a wide range of immune system and health-promoting benefits, building your immunity while indulging your senses in raw chocolate. All of Wise One’s chocolates are raw, vegan, wild, organic, beyond fair-trade and loaded with the world’s top superfoods. Wise One carefully selects only wild, heirloom and organic Criollo Ecuador Cacao, grown in high elevation volcanic soil. Check out other Wise One chocolate at www.wiseonesuperfoods.com Enjoy!