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New for Your HealthPurica Menopause Relief


Vancouver’s new 100% organic food & juice bar
now open

The Green Moustache located at 3607 West 4th Avenue (across from Banyen Books and Aphrodite’s Café) is Vancouver’s newest 100% organic, non-processed, whole foods, juice, smoothie and food bar. From local farm to table, you’ll enjoy their nutritious, delicious, gluten-free, vegan, raw and cooked healing foods which include bountiful salads, quinoa/rice bowls, collard green wraps, Kitchari, vegan desserts, cold-pressed juices and more. Discover your ability to heal your body and improve your quality of life through nutrition. Open 9AM-6PM daily. 778-379-4433


NutTea BarsnutTea’s 100% organic energy drinks & bars

NutTea offers the best of energy drinks and bars. They use only 3 to 4 raw, organic, natural, plant-based and wholefood ingredients like tea, cashews, dates and cocoa. There are no added sugars or preservatives. The high-fibre, healthy fats, protein, 10 vitamins & minerals and antioxidants – combined with the natural caffeine from tea – provide the perfect balance of nutrition and energy. GMO-free, soy-free, dairy-free. Free of synthetic or artificial ingredients. Use code “commonground10” to get 10% off the first order.


O2Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

#35 – 1480 Foster Street
White Rock, B C

This therapy administers pure oxygen under pressure (in a chamber) to a patient, increasing oxygen levels to all body tissue including all organs, bones, muscles and areas with compromised blood supply (areas of tissue damage). This supports the body’s healing process and immune system and enhances healing from injury, surgery and illness. Benefits almost 200 diverse conditions including stroke recovery and brain injury, circulatory disorders, heart disease, infections, cancer, autism, chronic fatigue, pain, migraines, MS, non-healing wounds, sports injuries, and immune disorders.