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New for Your Health

– a breakthrough in skin hydration


Aroma-face-Complex plays the primary role as a pre-moisturizer in our breakthrough botanically-powered hydration system. These advanced performance formulas hydrate skin by replenishing dehydrated and troubled skin with the botanical benefits of organic extracts, vitamins and essential oils. The light molecular structure of the skin-specific blends absorbs into the deep layers of the epidermis carrying the botanical benefits and energy of thousands of rose petals into your skin promoting a gorgeous glow. Available at Nature’s Creations, Whole Foods Markets and at www.naturalbeautyskincare.ca

Chanson Violet Water Ionizer

Chanson Violet Water Ionizer
– quality meets affordability

Scientists have proven that diseases like cancer thrive in an acidic environment. Drinking 9.5 PH water from your Chanson Ionizer is 500 times more alkaline then ordinary tap water and it’s free of chlorine and heavy metals. It’s recommended for drinking at selected settings between pH 8 and 9.5. Experience the benefits of owning a quality water ionizer without all the bells and whistles. Enjoy the low price of high quality, fresh tasting water from your own sink. Canada Ionizers is a proud Chanson distributor and provides free delivery and installation in the Lower Mainland. www.canadaionizers.ca

Quantum Wave Laser, Cold Laser Therapy – drug free, pain-free

Quantum Wave Laser, Cold Laser Therapy
– drug free, pain-free

Restart your life and get back to health with the Quantum Wave Laser, Cold Laser Therapy! This non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free therapy uses revolutionary, scalar wave, Tesla and violet light technology. Approved by Health Canada, FDA, the EU and other countries for over-the-counter use in pain relief, arthritic pain relief, stress management, relaxation, aiding circulation, decreasing inflammation and anti-aging. Amazing responses as well to skin irritations, breaks, fractures, cuts, burns, spinal issues, viruses, various diseases and to aid the body’s energy flow for wellness. 604-259-1556, 204-216-2022.