A giant ball on the road, it's surface covered with television screens showing different channels.

Constellation Kardashian

Star phenomena? People aren’t looking up at the sky – they’re tracking celebrities • by Geoff Olson • There’s a great jpeg floating around the … Read more

Pregnant Women Beware

“Don’t worry, be happy” slogan could harm your baby DRUG BUST by Alan Cassels The people’s briefing note on prescription drugs • It’s springtime in … Read more

In a leaf-strewn forest a girl in a black overcoat leans against a tree and writes in her journal

The Power of Poetry

How a few choice words can change worlds within and without • by Geoff Olson   • The world appears to be on a knife-edge … Read more

A pipeline stretches into the far distance

Gateway Pipeline pros and cons

An interview with retired economist Reimar Kroecher by Joseph Roberts • At press time on February 24, the Calgary Herald published an article by Rebecca … Read more

a spiral lightbulb looks like it's growing out of the grass

When greed meets green

by Ken Peters • Just so we are clear, I love the planet and believe we are fast destroying it. I believe that debating global … Read more

Our oceans need help

SCIENCE MATTERS by David Suzuki • It’s been 20 years since Canada’s East Coast cod fishery collapsed and we still have no recovery target or … Read more