It’s time to “Occupy” Health Canada

by Adam Sealey

Health Canada is conducting an unnecessary war on natural health products (NHPs). It states 40 percent of Canadians have expressed “concern or mistrust” for NHPs, but here’s the clincher. Its list of natural health products includes Red Bull, Sudafed, Nicorette gum and Cover Girl makeup. How can these products be called natural health products? And is it any wonder the public is concerned about the situation, as evidenced by outcry to limit the sale and potency of highly cafinated synthetic energy drinks, for example? This is how Health Canada is using “problem-reaction-solution” to justify denying the approval of legitimate NHPs for sale in Canada. It has created the problem by allowing these products, which are anything but totally safe or natural, to taint the public perception of natural health products that are safe and natural.

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Vander Zalm talks about Smart Meters

I’m hopeful; I’m hoping that, in fact, the people will rise up against the smart meters because the issue is so much like the HST. It’s the government imposing – imposing something on the people that hasn’t been sufficiently looked into and that the people are upset about and they are spending a billion dollars without any consultation. And people are concerned about health effects; they are concerned about the cost of it; they are concerned about the invasion of privacy; they are concerned that people elsewhere are protesting elsewhere and finding out that it’s not for them. So they need to be challenged on this. I can’t believe the media is ignoring this issue. I was at a function last night with 160 people. We talked about smart meters. Everybody there, there were no exceptions, everybody was opposed, everybody was concerned. So when that many people are concerned, how can the government and the media sit back and totally ignore it? I can’t believe it.

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