DOXA occupy world brain

FILMS WORTH WATCHING by Robert Alstead • This year’s DOXA Festival (, our version of Hot Docs, bristles with ideas and provocations over its 10 … Read more

Label GMO Foods

Label GMO Foods

I-522: The People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act • is an anti-GMO activist organization that has put together a piece of legislation … Read more

3 Parties Maple Leaf

Put Canada First is an independent community that brings generations together to strengthen our democracy and build a fair, open and responsible country.’s small staff team … Read more

Enbridge Pipelying hearings

by Reimar Kroecher • The Gateway Joint Review panel has come to town and left again. I was one of the hundreds of official interveners … Read more

Take action

Tell your MP to protect our Natural Health Products Health Canada ignored Parliamentary Committee recommendations In 2004, Health Canada ignored Parliament’s multi-year process that taxpayers … Read more

A throng of people march behind the Walk or Peace banner

Thank you all!

The Walk for Peace was a huge success! Photo and article by Alastair Gregor • On Saturday, June 30, approximately 2,000 Walkers for Peace met … Read more

Mother Teresa

Teacher of peace

by Lorraine Sims The world mourned and celebrated the life of Mother Teresa when she passed away in September of 1997, at the age of … Read more